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Inner Circle Coaching Plan

The Inner Circle program was created in conjunction with to help independent operators turn their restaurants into turnkey businesses by enhancing their leadership skills and implementing systems.

To accomplish this, coaching members participate in a weekly phone conference -- POD calls -- in which members learn leadership skills and are tasked with goal setting objectives to implement systems for which they are held accountable.

As a member of the Inner Circle Coaching Program you not only get resources, you now have total access to Howard Partridge's Inner Circle website as well. There you'll find hours and hours of audio and video lessons on leadership, marketing and other systems you can use to improve your small business.

The following describes the benefits you receive as a coaching member:

  • Weekly POD Group Call - We help you select and set both your weekly goals and your big project goals. Learn how to make you team accountable by making yourself accountable through commitment to accomplishing your goals.

  • E-Mail Consulting from the Inner Circle Coaching Team - As an Inner Circle member, just e-mail anytime and you get proven solutions to your biggest business challenges.

  • Monthly One-on-One Call - This gives you an opportunity to get personalized coaching from the coaching team on your specific challenges.

  • Monthly Inner Circle Package Shipped to Your Front Door - Keep learning and moving forward with a special business growth resource materials each month.


    Click on image above for conference details.

  • Attend Live Conferences at No Charge - Active Inner Circle members receive two tickets to all of the Howard Partridge Roundtable live events.

  • Live Weekly Training Webcast -- Discover the latest, greatest systems, strategies and

    breakthroughs on Howard's Tuesday morning webcast with live Q&A sessions.

  • Webcast Replay and PDF - Download the Weekly Live Training Webcast and PDF handout for future reference. These programs will serve you for the rest of your career.

  • Prime Cost Wizard Online Financial Tracking Tool -- All-in-one reporting tool to help you track weekly financial performance using the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants guidelines.

  • Restaurant Systems Focus Videos -- Jim Laube and Joe Erickson take you step-by-step through key restaurant systems, numbers and best practices. More>>

  • Complete Restaurant & Business Systems Online -- 24/7 access to and Howard Partridge Inner Circle websites

 If you are interested in finding out more about our Inner Circle Coaching Program please send an inquiry via email to

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