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Here are just a few of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials RestaurantOwner.com has received.

"I've been a member of your site for just a few months now, but I wanted you to know that your work has knocked the complacency right out of me, and I feel like all of my Restaurant dreams are within my grasp now . . . I can now get things done so much easier, faster, and better, with the knowledge that I obtain from your website."
Max Richardson - Lorene's Mexican Kitchen, Borger, TX

"There is a wealth of information and material available from your site that is of tremendous benefit to all independent restaurateurs. We have used virtually everything you offer in some form or another, from the Restaurant Numbers material to all of the articles on service, management, training, etc. The templates for training manuals and various forms have saved us a lot of time which would have been spent compiling and organizing this vital information." 
Robert Hodgson - Lefty's Restaurants,  Parksville, British Columbia  Canada

"Since becoming a member, I have literally changed the way I do business. My attitude has changed about every aspect of my restaurant and in implementing many new systems which you re-enforce on your website, I have seen drastic improvements. I'm making more money, my purveyors are making more money and my staff is making more money."
David Chicane - Pearle Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Dublin, NH 

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