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Staffing continued

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The Top 10 Interviewing Mistakes Restaurant Operators Make
by Mel Kleiman
The Top 10 Interviewing Mistakes Restaurant Operators MakeInterviewing is one of the most important skills any restaurant operator can have because it directly impacts their ability determine who to bring on to their team. Learn to identify and stop these common interviewing mistakes that lead to poor hiring decisions and more employee problems. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Employee Exit Interview Questionnaire
DOWNLOAD: Employee Exit Interview QuestionnaireExit interviews are interviews conducted with departing employees, just before they leave. The Employee Exit Interview Questionniare helps you spot workplace trends, identify areas of improvement as well as highlights the positive aspects of working in your restaurant. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Quality Assurance Program
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Quality Assurance ProgramAs restaurant organizations grow, maintaining quality and consistency in each location becomes more of a challenge to control and maintain. The Restaurant Quality Assurance Program template is a series of inspection points and checklists to evaluate adherence to predetermined quality and consistency standards. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Employee Schedule Request Form
DOWNLOAD: Employee Schedule Request FormKeeping up with employees schedule needs can be confusing and time consuming. Use this schedule request form for assistance when preparing your weekly schedules. . . . more >>

How to Find and Select the Right Employees
by Bill Marvin
How to Find and Select the Right EmployeesStart-up staffing is the most important staff selection you will ever do. Your opening crew establishes your first impression in the minds of your market and can influence the culture of your business for years to come. Find out how to find and select the right people, the first time. . . . more >>

How Do You Manage Smoke Breaks?
by Chef Michael Tsonton
How Do You Manage Smoke Breaks?There are increasingly more smoking bans being placed on restaurants across the country. Yet, our industry is filled with employees that smoke. Should operators allow their staff to take smoke breaks? . . . more >>

Understand Your REAL Job
by Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
As an owner, it's not your job to run the joint, it's to teach your STAFF how to run the joint! You will never be able to move on to new opportunities (or spend more time with your family) unless your crew can assume responsibilities that presently fall to you . . . and the only way they will be able to do these new jobs is if someone teaches them. Here's how to begin the process. . . . more >>

How to Select Your First General Manager
by Bill Marvin
Discuss finding, criteria and how much to compensate your first general manager with acclaimed restaurant consultant, Bill Marvin, the "Restaurant Doctor". A successful transition will free up time for other pursuits with peace of mind. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Employee Time-Off Request Form
DOWNLOAD: Employee Time-Off Request FormEmployee requests for time off happens all the time. Use this form to organize and document these requests so management spends less time in the process and employees get fair and timely treatment. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Manager Performance Review
DOWNLOAD: Manager Performance ReviewHow do your managers know if they're meeting your expectations if you never tell them? Use the Manager Performance Review to give your management personnel constructive feedback on how they are doing and ways to improve their performance. This form will help you step back and look at how each manager is performing in all the major areas of responsibility. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Delivery Driver Job Description
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Delivery Driver Job DescriptionComplete and accurate job descriptions for each position in your restaurant is a necessity today. The Restaurant Delivery Driver Job Description template contains the basic qualifications, duties and responsibilities associated with this position . . . more >>

Employee Handbook Basics & Why It's One of the Most Important Documents In Your Restaurant
by Alisa Pittman, Esq.
A sound employee handbook can prove beneficial in a number of ways, including improving employee morale, avoiding litigation, and increasing consistent application of workplace policies and discipline. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Application Response Letter Template
Operators need to be professional and selective in their hiring practices in order to attract better quality applicants. This means that sometimes you must deny employment to certain applicants. Use this set of five differing response letters to send to applicants that you don't hire . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Interview Rating Form
DOWNLOAD: Interview Rating FormHiring employees is one of the most important activities you do. Don't rely on your memory when making hiring decisions. Use this form to quantify and document your thoughts and impressions of each interview to improve your hiring process and make better hiring decisions. . . . more >>

ONLINE CALCULATOR: Wage Increase Affect on Menu Pricing
ONLINE CALCULATOR: Wage Increase Affect on Menu PricingUse this calculator to see how much you would need to raise menu prices in order to maintain a consistent prime cost and profit margin. This is a great tool if you've recently experienced a minimum wage increase. . . . more >>

Adjusting to Minimum Wage Increases
by Joe Erickson
Adjusting to Minimum Wage IncreasesSeveral states have enacted their own minimum wage laws, each time forcing operators to make adjustments. Many states have enacted a wage that increases every year! Learn how to combat ever-rising wage increases using a methodical approach that ensures your profit margins don't suffer. . . . more >>

AUDIO: How to Get Control of Your Labor Costs
AUDIO: How to Get Control of Your Labor CostsMany restaurants do a poor job of controlling labor & it hits them hard on the bottom line. Learn the secrets to taking back control of your labor costs with simple steps that can drop your hourly labor cost by 1, 3 or even 5% of sales. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Shift Roster
Use the Shift Roster as a quick reference to who is working the current shift, their scheduled start and finish times and a place to log in each employees' actual start and finish times as the shift progresses . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Job Application - Spanish Version
A professional restaurant job application is an important tool for supporting a quality employee selection process. This Spanish version of our job application template will give you a head start on developing your own application. . . . more >>

Employees' Successful Suggestions Build Business and Morale
Employees' Successful Suggestions Build Business and MoraleHow well are you tapping into your employee's knowledge of your business? After all they're closer to your customers and processes than you are. Paying attention to employee suggestions can be very good for your business. . . . more >>

How To Select a Prep Cook
by Chef Michael Tsonton
How To Select a Prep CookA prep cook should have a solid set of culinary skills. But hiring a prep cook on these skills alone is not enough. This article explores hands on interview techniques to help in the hiring of your next prep cook . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Training Manual Templates - Spanish Edition
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Training Manual Templates - Spanish Edition Training manuals are an essential element of a quality training program. The Spanish edition templates enable your Spanish speaking new hires to fully comprehend the entire training program for your restaurant. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Training - Spanish Version
DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Training - Spanish Version This Spanish version of our Alcohol Management Program helps you to teach your Spanish speaking workers the importance of practicing responsible alcohol service. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Job Description Templates-Spanish Version
DOWNLOAD: Job Description Templates-Spanish VersionJob descriptions are a vital tool for communicating your expectations of each employee. These Spanish versions of our popular templates give you the option of providing job descriptions in either English or Spanish . . . more >>

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