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How to Create a Realistic Budget For Your Restaurant
by Joe Erickson
How to Create a Realistic Budget For Your RestaurantThe vast majority of restaurant failures can be attributed to the absence of a plan or practical budget upon which decisions, accountability and actions are based. A budget focuses management on considering changing conditions and forces them to adapt their operations to maintain profitability and consistency of product and service. . . . more >>

How to Control Noise In Your Restaurant
By Stephani Robson
How to Control Noise In Your RestaurantThe more sounds there are in an environment, the harder it is for us to extract meaning from a particular sound source. Noise is just sound that is undesirable for a given situation. Here are some strategies for toning down the noise and keeping the rest of the house humming. . . . more >>

Why Chain Restaurants Use a Four Week Accounting Period (& why your restaurant should too)
by Jim Laube
Why Chain Restaurants Use a Four Week Accounting Period (& why your restaurant should too)There are inherent shortcomings in examining monthly restaurant P&Ls, so much so that every chain operator I know will not even consider preparing their financial statements on a monthly cycle. Learn why & what you can do instead. . . . more >>

How to Reward Staff for Outstanding Behavior Without Breaking the Bank
by Howard Riell
How to Reward Staff for Outstanding Behavior Without Breaking the BankIn a business in which service consistency and quality can make or break you, high-quality employees may well be a restaurant's most valuable feature. And in a business in which margins are tight and you have to watch every penny, rewarding top performers isn't always easy. The good news is operators needn't break the bank to accomplish this. . . . more >>

How to (Systematically) Deliver a Better, More Consistent Guest Experience
by Joe Erickson
How to (Systematically) Deliver a Better, More Consistent Guest ExperienceWhy in the world would we want to spend so much effort on marketing simply to gain first-time customers, unless we are certain that we can deliver a guest experience good enough to make them want to come back? If you want to ensure you consistently exceed guest expectations you must focus your attention on improving the systems that impact your customer's experience the most. . . . more >>

WEBCAST: The Power of Culture: How to Put the #1 Driver of Restaurant Success to Work in Your Operation
WEBCAST: The Power of Culture: How to Put the #1 Driver of Restaurant Success to Work in Your OperationIn this webcast, you'll learn how restaurants, just like yours, have dramatically improved the way they do business and are now achieving significantly better results because of the changes they've made in leading and managing their people. . . . more >>

Smart Shopping Tips for Purchasing Kitchen Equipment
by Stephani Robson
Smart Shopping Tips for Purchasing Kitchen EquipmentBuying foodservice equipment is kind of like buying a car; it doesn't take a lot of experience or skill to make a good purchase as long as you are clear about what you are looking for. This article gives you a starting point for evaluating your needs and making informed decisions when buying kitchen equipment for your restaurant. . . . more >>

How to Make Your Profit-&-Loss Statement One of Your Most Important Management Tools
by Jim Laube
How to Make Your Profit-&-Loss Statement One of Your Most Important Management ToolsFinancially astute operators know that every decision and activity that takes place on the operational side of their restaurant is eventually reflected in their numbers and the one report that is most indicative of how well (or how poorly) their restaurant is being managed is their profit-and-loss statement (P&L). . . . more >>

State Restaurant Association Membership
by Barry Shuster
State Restaurant Association MembershipState restaurant associations must work for membership with as much vigor as they fight to influence legislation and provide valuable benefits to their members. What are they doing to earn their keep, and what benefits and value do they offer you? . . . more >>

Break-Even: It's Like Having Your Own Financial Crystal Ball
by Jim Laube
Break-Even: It's Like Having Your Own Financial Crystal BallOne of my sharpest restaurant clients, nearly aways knew what his monthly net income would be for each of his three restaurants before he saw the P&L. Using a simple break-even approach, he could accurately estimate his profit just by knowing each restaurant's sales volume. Here's how he did it. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: 4-Week Periods for 2016 to 2019
DOWNLOAD: 4-Week Periods for 2016 to 2019If you want to convert to a 4-week, 13 period reporting cycle, now is the time to get ready. This series of Excel worksheets breaks down years 2016 to 2019 into 4-week periods beginning on the last Monday in 2015. . . . more >>

Create Some Excitement in Your Restaurant With a Puzzle Promotion
Create Some Excitement in Your Restaurant With a Puzzle PromotionCreate some excitement in your restaurant by engaging your customers with this fun and unique promotion. This easy to roll out marketing strategy will reward your best customers and is a great way to foster good will resulting in more frequent visits. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Planning Guide Template
DOWNLOAD: Weekly Planning Guide TemplateCarrying out your restaurant's annual plan is done one week at a time. Managers who excel in weekly planning tend to be more knowledgeable of unit profitability and shift preparedness. Use this template as a guide to create your own weekly agenda form. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Annual Restaurant Budget Worksheets
DOWNLOAD: Annual Restaurant Budget WorksheetsHow will your restaurant perform in 2015? Studies show that companies who prepare annual operating budgets are more successful than those who don't. Use this budget worksheet to quickly prepare your annual financial plan to give you and your staff specific, measurable goals throughout the coming year. . . . more >>

How to Toss the Help Wanted Sign
by Howard Riell
How to Toss the Help Wanted SignFinding good restaurant employees has always been a challenge; however, as the economy heats up it could become even more daunting to find high-quality employees. This article explores 14 ways to assist you in sourcing and retaining great hires by implementing standard, consistent and simple hiring steps. . . . more >>

The Fastest Way to Build A List of People Who Like to Eat Out in Your Community
The Fastest Way to Build A List of People Who Like to Eat Out in Your CommunityUse this anonymous survey-promotion technique to quickly build a database that targets the people in your community who eat out and spend the most! It's a great tool to add new customers and generate more sales. . . . more >>

Menu Engineering Basics: How to Make Your Menu Your Top Salesperson
by Banger Smith
Menu Engineering Basics: How to Make Your Menu Your Top SalespersonYour menu is much more than a decorative price list. The menu is your most powerful merchandising tool. Everything that makes your restaurant special and profitable flows from the pages of your menu. Learn how to make your menu a much more effective sales and profit building tool. . . . more >>

Skyline Chili Franchise Credits Reduction in Food Cost to Inventory Control Improvements
Skyline Chili Franchise Credits Reduction in Food Cost to Inventory Control ImprovementsMark Keilhoz, Owner/Operator of a Skyline Chili franchise, has gained a wealth of knowledge since joining RO.com. By implementing some of the procedures discovered on the site he's managed to improve internal communications and lower food cost. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Mission Statement Worksheet
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Mission Statement WorksheetThe right mission statement, properly used, can be one of the most powerful ingredients in creating and sustaining success. For many companies it's an invaluable tool in providing direction, focus and consistency throughout their organization. Use this worksheet for crafting or improving your mission. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Specific Cost Coding Guide
Use the Cost Code Guide to consistently code your operating expenses and other costs to the correct or most appropriate account. Correctly coding y . . . more >>

Displaying Matches 61 thru 80 of 624 Found FIRSTBACK NEXTLAST

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"I am a small business owner. I must say this is the best tool I've ever subscribed to. I was suspicious at first, I did not expect much but this is awesome. Thank you so much."

Gesine Franchetti
The Topaz
Santa Rosa, CA

Your website and magazine have been extremely helpful to our growing business. We are just about finished with the construction of our new location. I have learned so much from your articles, the online seminars, the discussion forum and the spreadsheets are an invaluable asset. I continue to learn something new every day.

Belinda Self
Ginza Japanese Restaurants, Inc
Winston Salem, NC

"You are giving me a great education. I can't soak it up fast enough. The articles, templates and especially the online training are heading me in the right direction to having a great business."

Martin Hardy
City Bagel Café
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

"I've found everything on the site to be a big help. From the financial side to the menu, the amount of information has been a bargain for the price of a subscription!"

Eddie Scoggins
Tavern At The Village Green
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"I am now in my second year of being a member. My only regret being that I did not find you in my prior 8 years as I would have saved a lot of money and grey hairs from your tips and formats. Thank you for indirectly saving my restaurant & for the growth I now see."

Marc Cedron
Printer's Alley Bar & Grill
Memphis, TN

"Since becoming a member, I have literally changed the way I do business. My attitude has changed about every aspect of my restaurant and in implementing many new systems which you re-enforce on your website, I have seen drastic improvements. I'm making more money, my purveyors are making more money and my staff is making more money."

David Chicane
Pearle Restaurant & Oyster Bar
Dublin, NH

"RestaurantOwner.com is a wonderful asset, glad I discovered it. I’ve deleted two full time positions, reduced my inventory, & have been tracking everything much better. I am breaking even now instead of borrowing more money!"

Joleen Coles-Wilt
Matters of Taste Bakery Market Café
Honolulu, HI

"So far, we’ve revised our accounting system and introduced the prime cost concept. My prime costs are dropping because of focusing on both inventory and labor together. This will improve my contribution margin by $120,000!"

Brian Fitzgerald
Paddy's Brewpub & Rosie's Restaurant
Kentville, Nova Scotia

"Thank you for this site. Little guys like me need all the help we can get and it is wonderful to be able to get answers to questions here."

Margaret Williamson
Hizzoner's Uptown Deli
Bellingham, WA

"I have sung the praises of your site to many of my friends, associates, and suppliers. There is a wealth of information and material available from your site that is of tremendous benefit to all independent restaurateurs. We have used virtually everything you offer in some form or another, from the restaurant by the numbers material to all of the articles on service, management, training, etc. The templates for training manuals and various forms have saved us a lot of time which would have been spent compiling and organizing this vital information."

Robert Hodgson
Lefty's Restaurant
Parksville, B.C.

"This website is "exactly" what I've been looking for. I'm absolutely thrilled with what I've learned so far. My only regret is that I didn't join sooner."

Stan Lewis
Pappa's Bossier
Bossier City, LA

"I can't say enough about the site as well as RS&G. We're opening number 3 this fall and the resource has been priceless."

E.J. Carpenter
Route Restaurants
Burlington, CO

"I really enjoy your site. Finally, the little guy has the info and knowledge to compete with the big chains!"

Denis Leidholt
StageCoach Station
Miles City, MT

RestaurantOwner.com's business plan template absolutely hits the mark. Its contents are thorough, pertinent, applicable and text book perfect. My company literally saved thousands on a business plan by simply downloading RO.com's template.

Steve Paoli
Mission Bay Foods
San Francisco, CA

We're here in the 18th hour of putting together our business plan for our new and most expensive restaurant #3. Using your spreadsheets has made this the easiest business plan we've put together and we're all giggling at how much fun it is...this is the most value I have ever received for any membership in any organization....ever. Keep up the exceptional work!

Rob Page
The Bisbee Grille
Bisbee, AZ