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Food & Beverage continued

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DOWNLOAD: Buffet Cost Tracking Template
DOWNLOAD: Buffet Cost Tracking TemplateAdding a buffet line to your menu selection can be a powerful sales building tool, especially for those slow nights that just never seem to draw enough customers. A successful buffet not only requires fresh and appetizing food, it also needs to have a balanced selection of low, medium, and higher cost items. . . . more >>

Leverage What You Already Have: Add a New, Highly Profitable Income Stream With Catering
Leverage What You Already Have: Add a New, Highly Profitable Income Stream With CateringCatering provides restaurant owners with an opportunity to significantly boost profitability without taking on a lot of risk or capital investment. Here are some proven tactics and strategies for launching a successful and highly profitable new income stream in catering. . . . more >>

Portion Control: Protecting Your Beverage Profit Margins
by Robert Plotkin
Portion Control: Protecting Your Beverage Profit MarginsSince the sales price of a drink is hinged to the serving portion of alcohol, if the portion size fluctuates, so will the drink's profit margin. Implementing an effective strategy to strictly control portioning is a crucial aspect to protecting your profit margins. . . . more >>

How to Increase Your Restaurant's Takeout Business
by Pat Morris
How to Increase Your Restaurant's Takeout BusinessTakeout is big business, and the players aren't just your typical Chinese food, pizza or fast food restaurants anymore. Today's takeout market transcends all style of restaurants. Learn how to take advantage of this ever growing market that can dramatically impact your sales and profitability. . . . more >>

How to Create a Highly Profitable Appetizer Menu
by Howard Riell
How to Create a Highly Profitable Appetizer MenuThe first impression of your menu begins with the appetizers. More than ever before, patrons are discussing them, sharing them, and often ordering nothing but them. See how successful operators are using appetizers to delight their guests & enhance their bottom lines. . . . more >>

ONLINE SEMINAR SERIES: Food Cost FitnessFood cost is the single biggest cost in many restaurants and it's also the most volatile operating expense you've got. There are just many, many ways to lose money working with food. This comprehensive, 5-part multi-media program will give you scores of practical, proven ways to cut food losses in purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation and serving & settlement. . . . more >>

Food & Beverage Control Scorecard
by Jim Laube
While you can't cost control yourself to success in this business, I've seen plenty of restaurants bleed to death (literally) not because of bad food or poor service but because they didn't have a clue about safeguarding their inventory and controlling their costs. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Menu Cost Allocation Tool
DOWNLOAD: Menu Cost Allocation ToolWhether it's table condiments, chips and salsa, bread and butter, or frying oil; every restaurant has food products that make it difficult to allocate cost to specific menu items. The Menu Cost Allocation Tool provides a means for evaluating and distributing the cost of non-menu specific ingredients. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Requisition/Transfer Form
DOWNLOAD: Requisition/Transfer FormTransferring product between stores can cause cost control problems if they are not tracked properly. Use the store transfer form to record product movement between multiple restaurants or profit centers . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Catering & Banquet Price Sheet Template
DOWNLOAD: Catering & Banquet Price Sheet TemplateMany caterers offer tiered pricing based on the # of guests expected. Having a quick-reference price guide allows you to quickly quote prices based on varying guest counts . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Recipe Manual Template
Use this Microsoft Excel® workbook to document all of your recipes to ensure consistency and control cost. This is a great tool for creating your own recipe manual and calculate the cost of your recipes and menu items. . . . more >>

How To Win The Menu Pricing Game
Dave Pavesic
How To Win The Menu Pricing GameOf all the business decisions an operator has to make, the one that causes considerable anxiety is pricing the menu. It's important to understand how your customers perceive your restaurant. Learn how to apply some customer psychology to help you make better, more profitable pricing decisions. . . . more >>

Recipe Mapping: The Loop Pizza Grill
by Tom Bruce
Recipe Mapping: The Loop Pizza GrillBefore Mike and Terry Schneider could even think about expanding their Loop Pizza Grill they knew they had to standardize their recipes and develop operational systems to ensure each unit operated the same way. In this article, Tom Bruce breaks down the recipes to determine the cost and correct procedures for producing two of The Loop's favorite menu items. . . . more >>

Restaurant Cleanup Checklist
by Chef Michael Tsonton
Restaurant Cleanup ChecklistIn the restaurant business, cleanliness, or lack thereof, can mean the difference between success and failure. This often overlooked aspect has a profound effect on guest perception. Properly implemented checklists can produce positive guest opinions. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Quality Assurance Program
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Quality Assurance ProgramAs restaurant organizations grow, maintaining quality and consistency in each location becomes more of a challenge to control and maintain. The Restaurant Quality Assurance Program template is a series of inspection points and checklists to evaluate adherence to predetermined quality and consistency standards. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Catering Delivery Checklist
DOWNLOAD: Catering Delivery ChecklistThis nearly 200-item checklist includes tools, equipment and supplies commonly used on catered events. Items are divided into sections, each with a 2-column checklist to facilitate pre-loading and final truck loading. . . . more >>

Displaying Matches 65 thru 80 of 151 Found BACK NEXT

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