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Menu continued

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Menu Smarts From the Start
Everyone knows that the menu is a critical component in any restaurant. But many operators either underestimate or don't realize the profound effect the menu will have on their profitability. Start profiting today from these 13 proven menu tactics. . . . more >>

AUDIO: How Often Should Restaurants Change Their Menus?
by Banger Smith
AUDIO: How Often Should Restaurants Change Their Menus?Renowned menu expert, Banger Smith, explains the type and frequency of menu changes to consider to increase sales, gross profit margins and maintain customer interest and loyalty. . . . more >>

AUDIO: Thoughts on Using Separate Dessert & Wine Menus
by Banger Smith
Menu expert Bangor Smith, explains how the use of separate menus can impact the sales of deserts and wine. . . . more >>

AUDIO: The Use of Color in Menus
by Banger Smith
Should independents be concerned about incorporating color into their menus? Can color make independents appear to be too chain-ish or not? Menu exp . . . more >>

Develop Signature Appetizers
by Bill Main
No discussion of creative menu development would be complete without looking at the power of tabletop merchandising -- the table tent -- alternately . . . more >>

Profitable Pointers
by Banger Smith
The discussion of how to build more profitable menus can be endless . . . and you still have a restaurant to run. So here are a few short -- but pro . . . more >>

Menu Analysis
by Banger Smith
If you do not know what each item on your menu costs, you may be leaving 5% on the table! Easily 90% of all restaurants do not have accurate, up-to- . . . more >>

Categorize Your Menu
by Banger Smith
There are two key decisions when laying out a menu -- the presentation and the way the menu is categorized. Presentation The menu presentation is its . . . more >>

What's Your Menu PQ?
by Banger Smith
What is your Profitability Quotient (PQ)? If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, you could be leaving thousands of dollars . . . more >>

Displaying Matches 49 thru 57 of 57 Found FIRSTBACK 

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