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Food & Beverage continued

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ONLINE SEMINAR: The Most Powerful Food Cost Controls of All Time
ONLINE SEMINAR: The Most Powerful Food Cost Controls of All TimeFeatures how to reduce employee theft; why you should avoid buying more to get quantity discounts; how to evaluate your inventory levels quickly; the advantages of keeping a running inventory on key products. . . . more >>

WEBCAST: Smarter "BOH" = Higher "ROI" - Time Tested Tools to Improve Your "Back of the House" Management
WEBCAST: Smarter While many restaurant owners have been busy with marketing initiatives to fill their seats, some have seen their hard earned dining room dollars disappear in the kitchen. This SPECIAL 2 part program can help you improve your overall kitchen operations and food quality and recapture your lost profits. ALL YOUR KEY KITCHEN PEOPLE SHOULD SEE THIS! . . . more >>

How to Improve Your Food Quality in Ways Your Guests Will Notice
by Joe Abuso
How to Improve Your Food Quality in Ways Your Guests Will Notice No matter how beautifully a dish was cooked and garnished, and no matter how much work and care went into what was intended to be an exquisite sauce, if the whole thing ends up tasting like a pretzel, all was for naught. This article explores what might cause food quality to suffer in a customer's eyes and, conversely, what we can do to improve our food in ways that will get their attention. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Food Cost Yield Calculator
DOWNLOAD: Food Cost Yield CalculatorThe Food Cost Yield Calculator is a flexible Microsoft Excel? set of spreadsheets designed to aid restaurant owners, chefs, and managers in determining the true cost of the raw products used to produce menu items. . . . more >>

ONLINE SEMINAR: Profitable Purchasing Practices
ONLINE SEMINAR: Profitable Purchasing PracticesFood Cost Fitness: Part 3 features the advantages of a prime vendor arrangement and how to establish one the "right" way; why competitive bidding results in "higher" overall prices; why you are losing money if you're not using purchasing orders. . . . more >>

Restaurant Catering: How to Create A Marketing Action Plan
by Michael Attias
Restaurant Catering: How to Create A Marketing Action PlanWith typical catering check averages hovering at two hundred dollars or more, catering represents the best chance of making up for lost sales. Learn why more chain operations have big catering plans for 2010 and why you should too. . . . more >>

How to Avoid Running Out of Product With an Effective Order Guide
by Joe Erickson
How to Avoid Running Out of Product With an Effective Order GuideAn effective ordering system has added benefits that go beyond the simple goal of maintaining sufficient product to serve your guests. Proper ordering procedures also help to keep fresh product in stock and free your cash from being tied up in excessive inventory levels. Learn how you can fine-tune your ordering system. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: FSR Inventory Spreadsheet
DOWNLOAD: FSR Inventory SpreadsheetMake counting and calculating your end of month food and beverage inventory easier and more accurate with this spreadsheet designed for Full Service Restaurants. Invest a few hours to enter your specific products and unit prices and thereafter, the form will do all the extensions and total your categories automatically. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Catering Agreement Template
It's important to communicate your catering bids and proposals in a professional, clear and organized manner. The Catering Proposal template includes a cover letter, proposal form and a quick catering/event agreement which are referred to as your restaurant's "Catering Policies." . . . more >>

Profitable Buffet Menus
by Joe Abuso
Profitable Buffet Menus The buffet is one of those great business ideas that is often poorly executed. The author points out the advantageous aspects of the buffet and provides some pointers on how to arrange the buffet menu. All too often one sees a buffet's potential unrealized because of poor setup, food choice and quality, design, etc. Learn how to avoid this recurring theme of failure and master a rewarding business prospect, the buffet. . . . more >>

How to Promote Daily Specials and Do It Profitably
by Patricia Luebke
How to Promote Daily Specials and Do It ProfitablyFew phrases evoke the heritage of American restaurants as does the Blue Plate Special. The motivation for offering specials can range from driving traffic with an intriguing menu item to presenting your guests with an item that is perceived as a good deal. In this article, we look at how to turn the classic, "blue plate special" into a profitable and strategic menu item. . . . more >>

How to Make Your Good Food Great By Making Your Own Stocks
by Joe Abuso
How to Make Your Good Food Great By Making Your Own StocksThe case for making your own stocks. A major distinction between a good kitchen and a great one is making stocks from scratch. By using some of the recipes in this article your food can improve from good to outstanding and give your restaurant a competitive edge. . . . more >>

Do You Have a Liquor Problem or Not?
by Jim Laube
Do You Have a Liquor Problem or Not?This is a liquor control technique developed by a personal friend of mine when he was the GM at a casual, high-end restaurant with a very busy bar. This simple, straight-forward technique for determining whether there is a liquor problem or not, resulted in adding literally tens of thousands of dollars to the restaurant's bottom line every year. . . . more >>

ONLINE SEMINAR: Receiving & Storage Controls
ONLINE SEMINAR: Receiving & Storage ControlsLearn how to control theft at the back door; employees who should NEVER be allowed in any storage area; how to improve product rotation; how to streamline & control your deliver & receiving functions; prevent loses from "short weights" and more. . . . more >>

Strategies for Working With Foodservice Distributors
by Les Lent, Lee Plotkin, Jim McGovern, Sam Silvio
Strategies for Working With Foodservice DistributorsIs selecting a prime vendor for most items and cherry-picking specialty items the way to go? Learn what a broad-line distributor, a restaurant purchasing consultant, and two restaurant general managers think. . . . more >>

Head Off Problems with the Preshift Line Check
by Chef Brian Poor
Head Off Problems with the Preshift Line CheckThe line check ensures that the food you serve is consistent and of high quality. It requires you to use all your senses and be in control of every corner of your kitchen. Here's how it should work. . . . more >>

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