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How to Keep Employee Romances from Becoming a Management Headache in Your Restaurant
by Howard Riell
How to Keep Employee Romances from Becoming a Management Headache in Your RestaurantManaging employees' personal relationships can prove to be a challenge - to say the least - and very expensive if things get out of control. Having a clear, enforceable fraternization policy is important before a situation turns toxic, and if not handled properly, detrimental to your business. . . . more >>

Defensive Documentation of Employee Performance
by Alisa Pittman, Esq.
Defensive Documentation of Employee PerformanceWhen faced with an employment discrimination action, a good paper trail can lead you to safety. This article explores the ever increasing necessity to properly document employee performance . . . more >>

Restaurant Labor Scheduling: Essential Practices to Control Cost & Deliver Great Service
by Jim Laube
Restaurant Labor Scheduling: Essential Practices to Control Cost & Deliver Great ServiceProper scheduling is critical to attain the appropriate balance in labor cost, service levels and employee morale. Your effectiveness in this area will be clearly reflected in today's operating results AND tomorrow's sales. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Accident Report Form
DOWNLOAD: Accident Report FormUse this report form to document any personal injuries, near misses or dangerous occurances that take place at your restaurant. . . . more >>

Look Ahead: Use Short-Term Sales Projections to Control Hourly Labor Costs
by Jim Laube
There are lots of situations restaurant managers don't like and one at the top of the list is being caught in a rush and not having enough people on the floor. I personally know the feeling and agree that it's not my idea of a good time, either. . . . more >>

Online Restaurant Staff Training by Waitrainer
Online Restaurant Staff Training by WaitrainerFor years, RO.com has provided industry-specific training manuals to thousands of independent restaurant operators, saving them countless hours of researching, organizing and writing their own training manuals from scratch. Now we'd like to introduce our new Online Restaurant Staff Training System for your entire restaurant staff. We now offer our entire resource library of training manuals, job descriptions, employee handbook and policies manual, steps of service and alcohol management program in an online training format your employees can access 24/7 . . . more >>

by John Richardson
Cross-TrainingTraining your employees to fill their co-worker's shoes can help keep you out of the weeds, build camaraderie, improve skills, and increase morale. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Employee Performance Evaluation Forms
DOWNLOAD: Employee Performance Evaluation FormsHow do employees know how they're doing if you never tell them? Use the Employee Performance Evaluation to give your employees constructive feedback on how they are doing and ways to improve (and document) their performance. . . . more >>

Critical Numbers: A Weekly Report Every Restaurant Should Prepare
by Jim Laube
Critical Numbers: A Weekly Report Every Restaurant Should PrepareChain operators are serious about what they do. Here's one report that every chain restaurant prepares each week and how they use it keep their key costs areas in check. Find out an easy way you can do it and add 2%-4% of your sales to your bottom line! . . . more >>

How to Get Your Service Staff in Winning shape
by Monica Giuoco and Chris Tripoli
How to Get Your Service Staff in Winning shape One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant is training your front-of-the-house employees. These folks are the primary determining factor in gaining repeat customers. A memorable experience as well as fantastic food will almost guarantee a return visit. . . . more >>

Survey: Restaurant Labor Cost 2013
Survey: Restaurant Labor Cost 2013 This survey helps startup restaurants evaluate how much staff they need and what they will need to pay. The results are complemented by in depth analysis to help you in your comparisons to your particular establishment or concept-to-be . . . more >>

How to Develop a Great Kitchen Manager
by Joe Erickson
How to Develop a Great Kitchen Manager Here we provide a proven checklist of the various kitchen management systems and forms necessary for a kitchen manager to be successful. Whether you are in the the start-up phase of a new restaurant or you've been in the business for decades, this checklist provides an exhaustive and timeless resource for every restaurant kitchen. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Cell Phone Policy Template for Restaurants
DOWNLOAD: Cell Phone Policy Template for RestaurantsCell phone use by your restaurant staff during business hours not only reduces productivity - it can also lead to negative guest perception and poor customer service. Having a consistent policy regarding cell phone use is a must in the business world - especially for restaurants. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Job Descriptions
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Job DescriptionsComplete and accurate job descriptions for each position in your restaurant is a necessity today. Job descriptions describe the role you're asking your people to play in your restaurant and they help your employees to understand their duties, responsibilities and the results and standards of work they need to achieve. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Bartender Checklists
DOWNLOAD: Bartender ChecklistsUse the Bartender Checklists for creating your own unique set of checklists for opening, closing, and maintaining your bar operations. Includes separate daily lists for opening, shift change and closing duties. It also has a weekly checklist for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the bar area and equipment. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Hourly Guest Count Tracking Template
DOWNLOAD: Hourly Guest Count Tracking TemplateThe Hourly Guest Count Tracking template is a guest count forecasting tool for tracking and forecasting guest counts down to half-hour intervals. . . . more >>

WEBCAST: How to Create an Ideal Labor Budget
WEBCAST: How to Create an Ideal Labor BudgetIn this comprehensive hands-on program, you and your management team can learn how to significantly improve your restaurant's labor cost as we demonstrate how to create an ideal labor budget based on guest count trends and show you effective methods for "staying in budget" . . . more >>

How to Develop a Management Incentive Program for Your Restaurant
by Joe Erickson
How to Develop a Management Incentive Program for Your RestaurantGive your manager's a stake in how well your restaurant performs by implementing an effective incentive compensation program. Get a sample of what some successful organizations are doing to reward and motivate key team members. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Customer Service - Staff Evaluation Form
DOWNLOAD: Customer Service - Staff Evaluation FormEvery restaurant owner wishes to deliver the highest level of customer service to their guests; and, they depend on their staff to do so. Have you ever wondered how your restaurant stacks up when it comes to attaining guest satisfaction? More importantly, what does your staff think about the level of customer service your restaurant offers? . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Prime Cost Worksheets
DOWNLOAD: Weekly Prime Cost WorksheetsCalculating prime cost every week is one of the profitable activities any restaurant can do. If prime cost is too high it's VERY difficult for any restaurant to generate a profit. Our weekly prime cost worksheets make it easy to track and control your biggest and most volatile costs. . . . more >>

The Host & The Technician: Improving the Two Basic Roles of All Good Servers
by Joe Abuso
The Host & The Technician: Improving the Two Basic Roles of All Good ServersThe first step toward providing good service is to clearly define it. During the course of a typical shift, a server's responsibilities cover a variety of interrelated tasks. They can be broken down into two basic roles: the host and the technician. Once you master those, the third role - salesperson - follows naturally. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist
DOWNLOAD: Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist This template is a great tool for evaluating each of your restaurants for cleanliness, safety, R&M and operational excellence. This Microsoft Excel workbook can be used for both table service and QSR type restaurants, and easily be tailored to fit your unique operation. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Program
DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management ProgramA comprehensive Alcohol Management Program is essential to providing responsible alcohol service. The material offered in this program is intended to be used as a guide and educational tool to develop a responsible, knowledgeable staff with regard to serving alcoholic beverages. . . . more >>

How to Boost Productivity to Control Labor Costs
by David Pavesic
How to Boost Productivity to Control Labor CostsEven though the recession has meant more potential workers, labor issues remain a major concern of most restaurant owners and managers. Learn how to maintain good service with with no more labor hours than you really need. . . . more >>

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