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How to Build a More Profitable Menu
by Dave Pavesic
How to Build a More Profitable MenuA properly designed menu can direct the attention of the diner to specific items and increase the likelihood that those items will be ordered. The author describes how to use "cost/margin analysis" to identify your top-performing menu items. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Menu Evaluation Worksheet
How do you decide whether to add a new item to your menu? It's an important decision. Using the Menu Item Evaluation Worksheet will give you an orga . . . more >>

Moose Country Whiskey & Food, Minneapolis
by Mark Laux
MenuMakeover: Enticing Guests to Trade Up - Our resident menu engineer visits Moose Country Whiskey & Food in Minneapolis to demonstrate how a pretty menu can be turned into a selling menu. . . . more >>

How to Make Multiple Menus Compatible in Your Kitchen
by Chef Dan Butler
How to Make Multiple Menus Compatible in Your KitchenHow to plan your restaurant's menus to co-exist peacefully and easily transition from lunch to dinner. The author shares some advice and situations to avoid. . . . more >>

How To Win The Menu Pricing Game
Dave Pavesic
How To Win The Menu Pricing GameOf all the business decisions an operator has to make, the one that causes considerable anxiety is pricing the menu. It's important to understand how your customers perceive your restaurant. Learn how to apply some customer psychology to help you make better, more profitable pricing decisions. . . . more >>

How to Market and Merchandize Desserts to Boost Sales and Profits
By Dave Pavesic
How to Market and Merchandize Desserts to Boost Sales and ProfitsToo many restaurants disregard the relationship between marketing, merchandizing, and selling. Learn how mechandising your desserts can lead to increased dessert sales . . . more >>

How to Price and Operate Your Restaurants "All-You-Can-Eat" Buffet
by Dave Pavesic
Don't get eaten alive at the buffet! Take a look at the rules of survival and profitability for your restaurant's food and salad bar. Get a handle on your operations and pricing to ensure success with this concept. . . . more >>

ONLINE CALCULATOR: Wage Increase Affect on Menu Pricing
ONLINE CALCULATOR: Wage Increase Affect on Menu PricingUse this calculator to see how much you would need to raise menu prices in order to maintain a consistent prime cost and profit margin. This is a great tool if you've recently experienced a minimum wage increase. . . . more >>

Adjusting to Minimum Wage Increases
by Joe Erickson
Adjusting to Minimum Wage IncreasesSeveral states have enacted their own minimum wage laws, each time forcing operators to make adjustments. Many states have enacted a wage that increases every year! Learn how to combat ever-rising wage increases using a methodical approach that ensures your profit margins don't suffer. . . . more >>

Planning Successful Menu Promotions
Planning Successful Menu PromotionsAn integrated menu promotion can boost sales, attract new customers and help you take advantage of seasonal foods. . . . more >>

How to Cater to Kids (& why it can be very good for business)
by Pat Morris
A number of chains understand the size and importance of the kids market and they are rewarded with more sales and profit. Learn how independent restaurants can also appeal to kids with alternative methods to draw family business with other than "Kids Eat Free" . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Menu Item Quality Review Template
The Menu Item Quality Review Template is an excellent tool for documenting random evaluations of your everyday menu offerings. This scaled grading system enables owners, managers, or anyone familiar with the items on your menu, to judge if guest perception of your menu offerings meets your high standards . . . more >>

How to Analyze & Decide Whether Your Restaurant Should Add Breakfast?
By Chris Tripoli and Emily Durham
How to Analyze & Decide Whether Your Restaurant Should Add Breakfast?Breakfast daypart sales slowly continue to rise as consumers attribute more importance to the morning meal. This article takes a look at the variables and required analysis before determining whether opening for breakfast is right for your concept. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Menu Cost Worksheet
This Microsoft Excel worksheet is used to list and calculate the cost of ingredients for each menu item. . . . more >>

AUDIO: How Many Menu Items Should You Have?
Independent operators are notorious for adding new menu items and rarely, if ever, retiring any. This results in "bloated menus" that can confuse the . . . more >>

Sharpen Your Menu IQ
by Jim Laube
Sharpen Your Menu IQToo many independents lose easy profit opportunities due to poorly conceived menus. Unleash the profit potential of your menu with these easy-to-implement, yet powerful menu practices. . . . more >>

Displaying Matches 33 thru 48 of 57 Found FIRSTBACK NEXTLAST

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