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Success Focus Videos continued

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Success Focus Video: Menu Engineering
Success Focus Video: Menu EngineeringYour menu is your restaurant's most powerful merchandising tool. Did you know that by simply rearranging items on your menu you can add thousands of dollars in gross profit annually? In this video we will share with you the value of having a menu engineering system. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: What's Good Here?
Success Focus Video: What's Good Here?When asked "What's good here?" many servers simply say "Everything!" Because of this response most servers miss out on a valuable chance to develop some rapport with the guest and influence the guest's buying decision. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: Customer Newsletter
Success Focus Video: Customer NewsletterSome highly successful members claim that the most effective way to grow their repeat business and their sales has been to mail out a customer newsletter every month. Watch this video to learn why. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: How Much Money Should Your Restaurant Be Making?
Success Focus Video: How Much Money Should Your Restaurant Be Making?Are you generating enough sales to have any hope of making a profit? Are you making as much profit as you should given your sales volume? Find out now in this short video. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: Improving Service Times
Success Focus Video: Improving Service TimesLarge parties or too many guests being seated at one time can overwhelm many restaurant kitchens and easily put your entire staff into the weeds. When the kitchen goes down -- so does service. Here are some proven tactics to help improve your cook line productivity. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: More on the Ultimate Question
Success Focus Video: More on the Ultimate QuestionA few weeks ago we discussed asking your customers the Ultimate Question as a way to gain greater insights into how likely they are to recommend your restaurant to their friends and colleagues. Let's look at how a major chain operator is using the Ultimate Question. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: How to Use the Weekly Prime Cost Worksheets
Success Focus Video: How to Use the Weekly Prime Cost WorksheetsAs a restauranteur, the importance of a weekly Prime Cost discipline cannot be understated. Prime Cost is the total of your food and beverage cost combined with your labor cost, including taxes and benefits. . . . more >>

Success Focus Video: Running Inventory
Success Focus Video: Running InventoryA running inventory is one of the most basic and fundamental food cost controls in our industry but surprisingly it's one that many independent restaurants simply don't do. . . . more >>

Displaying Matches 17 thru 24 of 29 Found BACK NEXT

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