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Bar Management continued

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Breathing Life - Into Your Wine-by-the-Glass Program
by Joyce Angelos Walsh
Breathing Life - Into Your Wine-by-the-Glass ProgramOrdering wine by the glass is now an expected option by restaurant patrons. Offering too many choices however, can present challenges. Learn how to evaluate the benefit of a wine preservation system when considering wine service for your startup. . . . more >>

Excuse Me, This Wine Tastes Funny
by Joyce Angelos Walsh
Excuse Me, This Wine Tastes FunnyIs refusing to take back a bottle of wine -- even one that you know is perfectly fine -- important enough to destroy a relationship with an existing customer and a dozen or so of his closest friends? . . . more >>

Raising the Bar for Profits
by Robert Plotkin
Raising the Bar for ProfitsReach for an effective startup bar menu. Learn how exceeding guest expectations can keep bodies in chairs and cash in the till. . . . more >>

Bartending Etiquette: Avoiding Gaucheries & Faux Pas
by Robert Plotkin
Bartending Etiquette: Avoiding Gaucheries & Faux PasThere are unwritten conventions governing professional bar conduct. You know most of them intuitively. Then why is it that so many bartenders consistently step on those conventions (to the detriment of your customers' enjoyment, the bartender's own tips & your bar business)? . . . more >>

Six Proven Practices to Control Your Beverage Costs
by Joe Erickson
Six Proven Practices to Control Your Beverage CostsOverpouring, spills and waste, mistakes and inadequate pricing structures all contribute to beverage cost control problems. No matter the cause, the only way to keep these costs under control is to have proven systems in place in keys areas that alert you when costs spike. The pathway to consistent, robust beverage profits begins with setting prices and ends with the financial statement - and you must have systems in place for each step along the way. . . . more >>

Inventory Control: The Bedrock of Beverage Profitability
by Robert Plotkin
Inventory Control: The Bedrock of Beverage ProfitabilityManaging your inventory involves knowing precisely what you have, what you paid for it, where it is and when you sold it. Obtaining this information requires accurately monitoring your inventory from the moment it comes through the back door until the end of the accounting period when it is depleted . . . more >>

How to Create the Ideal Startup Wine List
by Doug Frost
How to Create the Ideal Startup Wine ListCreating your first wine list can be a daunting task. Not only is the selection process difficult, but once you decide on your wines, how do you present your list so that the guest can understand your selection? Here are some truly great tips to help you get started . . . more >>

The Power of Suggestion: Boosting Wine-by-the-Bottle Sales
The Power of Suggestion: Boosting Wine-by-the-Bottle SalesSure, your cost is typically lower on glass wine, but you tend to take more dollars to the bank with bottles. Also, bottles increase server and bartender interaction with guests, which can drive up check averages. While a server is opening and serving a bottle, he can interact with guests, make menu suggestions, and create opportunities for further sales. . . . more >>

Sales, Use and Local Taxes
You don't have to love collecting state sales taxes but in most states operators are required to collect, remit and track them. . . . more >>

Selling Wine: Most People Don't Prefer Wine in the Bottle, They Prefer It in a Glass
by Doug Frost
Selling Wine: Most People Don't Prefer Wine in the Bottle, They Prefer It in a GlassIf you consider selling wine by the glass a necessary evil to please guests who are too cheap to buy a bottle, you're not alone. You're wrong, but at least you've got company. Many restaurateurs tolerate but do not promote wine-by-the-glass sales, in belief that these programs generate only a fraction of the revenue reaped by bottle sales. You need to understand how much a wine-by-the-glass program can influence what your customers talk about, taste and buy. And when strategically priced, promoted and stocked, a wine-by-the-glass program can be profitable and a boon to your overall wine sales. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Waste/Spill Tracking Sheet
DOWNLOAD: Waste/Spill Tracking SheetThis form provides the means to track food and bar waste as it occurs. Designed for clipboards, this form can be placed in the kitchen or bar so that re-cooks, spills, and wrong orders can be accounted for. . . . more >>

How to Avoid 10 Expensive Mistakes That Most Beverage Operators Make
by Robert Plotkin
How to Avoid 10 Expensive Mistakes That Most Beverage Operators MakeWhat you don't know can hurt your restaurant, especially if you sell adult beverages. Here is our list of ten expensive errors many beverage operators make and how to avoid them. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Bartender Checklists
DOWNLOAD: Bartender ChecklistsUse the Bartender Checklists for creating your own unique set of checklists for opening, closing, and maintaining your bar operations. Includes separate daily lists for opening, shift change and closing duties. It also has a weekly checklist for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the bar area and equipment. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Liquor Control Worksheet
DOWNLOAD: Liquor Control WorksheetSuspect you have a liquor cost problem? Find out for sure and how big of a problem you have by using the Liquor Control Worksheet. This Excel spreadsheet template has helped scores of operators cut their liquor losses and keep their margins in check. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Program
DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management ProgramA comprehensive Alcohol Management Program is essential to providing responsible alcohol service. The material offered in this program is intended to be used as a guide and educational tool to develop a responsible, knowledgeable staff with regard to serving alcoholic beverages. . . . more >>

How to Prevent Internal Theft Behind the Bar
by Robert Plotkin
How to Prevent Internal Theft Behind the BarOpportunities are rife for theft behind a bar. Bartenders steal from the bar and its customers because it is easily accomplished, hard to detect, and extremely difficult to prevent on an ongoing basis. The temptations posed by constantly handling large sums of cash and dealing with a liquid inventory can often prove overwhelming. . . . more >>

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