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Technology continued

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The Case for Creating a Mobile App for Your Restaurant
by Allison Wollam
The Case for Creating a Mobile App for Your RestaurantThe question for every independent in the digital age is can you afford not to take advantage of changes in how people find and review where they want to dine out. You have to ask yourself how your restaurant might build sales on the back of this well-established shift. . . . more >>

How to Select the Right POS System in 10 Easy Steps
by Joe Erickson
How to Select the Right POS System in 10 Easy StepsWith a myriad of choices facing you when selecting a point-of-sale system, you might wonder where to start. We'll help you navigate this sea of technology, including asking the right questions and analyzing your business's requirements when it comes time to purchase or upgrade your system. . . . more >>

WEBCAST: Introducing the Checklist Generator
WEBCAST: Introducing the Checklist GeneratorThe Checklist Generator is a web tool enabling restaurant operators to create and store checklists of all types in the RestaurantOwner.com cloud. Join us on this webcast to learn how the Checklist Generator can help you better manage your business. . . . more >>

Selecting a Music System for Your Restaurant
by Joe Erickson
Selecting a Music System for Your RestaurantFood and music go hand in hand in a number of concepts. If you're getting ready to plunk down serious money for a sound system and/or music subscription service, this article explores some of your options. It also discusses the legal issues related to music licensing . . . more >>

Using the POS to Manage the Kitchen
by Chef Michael Tsonton
Using the POS to Manage the KitchenPOS are best known for keeping track of guest checks, sales , and sending orders to the kitchen. Savvy kitchen managers and chefs have learned to use the reporting features to track product usage and create specials that sell . . . more >>

How to Use Gift Cards to Boost Sales & Cash Flow
by Joe Erickson
Gift card can boost your cash flow and increase guest loyalty. But not all gift cards are created equal. Before you jump on the gift card band wagon make sure you have all the facts to get the best gift card program for your restaurant. . . . more >>

Capturing and Promoting Your Business Via Video
by Amelia Levin
Capturing and Promoting Your Business Via VideoAs the digital era takes over, businesses are finding they can leverage their online "platforms" or brands even further with video. With a little conceptualizing, planning, resourcefulness and due diligence, it is more than possible to create your own video. . . . more >>

Do You Need a Cash Register or POS System, and What's the Difference Anyway?
by Joe Erickson
A critical decision for any operator is choosing the right equipment to track sales and control cash. Learn how to determine what type of system is best for your restaurant in terms of cost, features and controls. . . . more >>

Lighten Up: Restaurant Lighting Illuminated
by Robert N. Rossier
Lighten Up: Restaurant Lighting IlluminatedCorrrect lighting is a critical element to create the look, feel and atmosphere you want. Find out what's avaiable and how to use the right light in the right place. . . . more >>

Running Your Operation by Remote Control
by Joe Erickson
Running Your Operation by Remote ControlGetting information from our restaurants is usually not as easy as performing a Google search. Although many POS companies offer a process for owners to access their data, there are noteworthy disparities in the manner in which it is accomplished. . . . more >>

The Pros and Cons of Using Electronic Menus
by Joe Erickson
The Pros and Cons of Using Electronic MenusThe list of potential benefits for tableside menu tablets is lengthy. First and foremost among these: goodbye to the limitations and cost of the printed menu. Printed menus have long been the key sales tool for table-service restaurants, yet the size, design and content is oftentimes hampered by budget and space constraints. This article explores whether tableside tablets are right for your concept. . . . more >>

How to Work With Your POS Programmer for Maximum Profitability
by Joe Erickson
How to Work With Your POS Programmer for Maximum ProfitabilityThe success or failure of your POS choice will often largely be determined by the quality of programming that goes into it. Without a well-written program, no matter which POS system you choose, it might never measure up to your expectations. . . . more >>

WEBCAST: Social Media - Answers to Your Burning Questions on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter & More
WEBCAST: Social Media - Answers to Your Burning Questions on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter & MoreIn our Social Media webcasts we received many more questions than we can possible respond to. So this program focuses on the most common questions we get on all aspects of social media. This webcast will cover topics such as Yelp, Facebook, and Pintrest. . . . more >>

Online Restaurant Staff Training by Waitrainer
Online Restaurant Staff Training by WaitrainerFor years, RO.com has provided industry-specific training manuals to thousands of independent restaurant operators, saving them countless hours of researching, organizing and writing their own training manuals from scratch. Now we'd like to introduce our new Online Restaurant Staff Training System for your entire restaurant staff. We now offer our entire resource library of training manuals, job descriptions, employee handbook and policies manual, steps of service and alcohol management program in an online training format your employees can access 24/7 . . . more >>

Ice: The Hard, Cold Facts for Startup Restaurateurs
by Kurt Allanson
Ice: The Hard, Cold Facts for Startup RestaurateursBehind those stainless steel panels and bins are a variety of technology, feature and functions. You need to understand your restaurant's needs, in terms of ice production, storage capacity, maintenance, and what to do if your ice machine goes on strike. . . . more >>

Pre-Opening POS System Training Tips
by Chad Warren
Pre-Opening POS System Training TipsAmong the most important tasks on your opening checklist is training your staff to be proficient in the use of your POS system. See how planning your training can help you avoid a POS meltdown . . . more >>

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