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Food & Beverage continued

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DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Checklists
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant ChecklistsSuccessful restaurants use checklists to ensure consistent execution throughout their operation. Includes opening, closing, shift change, purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation, cleaning checklists and our most popular download, the Customer Service Checklist. . . . more >>

Inventory Control Basics: A Systematic Guide for Controlling Inventory in Your Restaurant
by Joe Erickson
Inventory Control Basics: A Systematic Guide for Controlling Inventory in Your RestaurantOne of the reasons the restaurant business is difficult is due to its approach to inventory control. Restaurants are both retailers and manufacturers, yet many of the principles for controlling inventory in retailing and manufacturing simply don't apply to restaurants. . . . more >>

The Five Points of Proper Portion Control
by Chef Joe Abuso
The Five Points of Proper Portion ControlYour managers should be ever-vigilant about noticing any deviation from your standard portioning (and everything else) and correct, encourage or cajole as needed. . . . more >>

Bartending Etiquette: Avoiding Gaucheries & Faux Pas
by Robert Plotkin
Bartending Etiquette: Avoiding Gaucheries & Faux PasThere are unwritten conventions governing professional bar conduct. You know most of them intuitively. Then why is it that so many bartenders consistently step on those conventions (to the detriment of your customers' enjoyment, the bartender's own tips & your bar business)? . . . more >>

ONLINE SEMINAR: Serving & Settlement Controls
ONLINE SEMINAR: Serving & Settlement ControlsDon't let poor cash and internal controls make it easy for people to steal the most desirable commodity you've got, CASH. This program examines the most common ways servers, cashiers, bartenders and bookkeepers steal and what controls you should have in place to protect your business. . . . more >>

Measurable Improvement: A Three-Phase Approach to Increasing Profits With Food Cost Control Systems
by Joe Erickson
Measurable Improvement: A Three-Phase Approach to Increasing Profits With Food Cost Control SystemsYou absolutely must have systems in place for every phase of your operation. In this article we'll discuss the systems and controls necessary for controlling food and beverage cost, many of which are used by the big chain operators. Used regularly, these systems will help you recognize and reduce your overall food and beverage cost. . . . more >>

How to Improve Your Health Inspection Scores & Have a Cleaner Restaurant
by David T. Denney and Deep Patel
How to Improve Your Health Inspection Scores & Have a Cleaner RestaurantLocal laws regulate how frequently restaurant health inspections take place, but, in general, routine inspections occur twice a year and are typically unannounced. This article will provide a general overview of the inspection mechanism, what you can do to improve your establishment's health inspection score and other tips for running a clean operation. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Perpetual Inventory & Ordering Template
DOWNLOAD: Perpetual Inventory & Ordering TemplateThis handy tool does double duty, serving as both a 4 week perpetual inventory system and an order guide. It can be used to track and order food, beverage, paper, supplies, uniforms and linens. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Waste/Spill Tracking Sheet
DOWNLOAD: Waste/Spill Tracking SheetThis form provides the means to track food and bar waste as it occurs. Designed for clipboards, this form can be placed in the kitchen or bar so that re-cooks, spills, and wrong orders can be accounted for. . . . more >>

Keep a Running Inventory on Your Key Products
Keep a Running Inventory on Your Key ProductsKeeping a running inventory on some of your key products is one of the most fundamental and effective of all inventory controls, yet many operators don't do it. If you are one of those who doesn't, chances are you have an opportunity to cut your food cost and start making more money beginning tomorrow. . . . more >>

Take the Worry Out of Weekly Food Inventory
by Joe Erickson
Take the Worry Out of Weekly Food InventoryMost independent restaurants calculate their food cost only once a month. Yet, virtually all the major chain restaurants calculate their food cost each week. According to industry averages, chain restaurants (before corporate expenses) are two to three times as profitable as independent restaurants. While weekly food costing isn't the entire the reason, it's part of it. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Recipe Quick-reference Template
DOWNLOAD: Recipe Quick-reference TemplateUse this tool to provide your kitchen staff with a quick-reference chart of the proper portion sizes and ingredients for each of your menu items. Display the charts at each cooking station so that cooks can quickly verify the correct recipe portions. . . . more >>

Download: Restaurant Receiving Checklist
Download: Restaurant Receiving ChecklistReceiving is an area where the lethal combination of poor systems, carelesness and greed can add up to big losses in any restaurant. Use this checklist to reveal and correct your weaknesses so you stop risking your hard earned profit whenever a delivery truck pulls up. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Purchase Order Form
DOWNLOAD: Purchase Order FormDon't get quoted one price and end up a higher price on the invoice. This can & does happen unless you check. Use this form to ensure that all purchases have been ordered and you're being charged the correct, quoted prices. . . . more >>

ONLINE SEMINAR: Profitable Preparation Practices
ONLINE SEMINAR: Profitable Preparation PracticesLearn creative ways to improve product utilization and lower food cost; best ways to server "hot" food "hot"; how to reduce employee nibbling; ways to improve portion controls; how to create standard recipes. . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Ideal Cost Worksheet
DOWNLOAD: Ideal Cost WorksheetThis spreadsheet calculates the ideal (theoretical) cost of sales based on the cost of menu items multiplied by each item's sales mix for a given period. It can be used to compare your actual and ideal cost of sales to determine whether a cost problem exists. . . . more >>

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