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Online Staff Training

Online Staff Training by Waitrainer

For years, RestaurantOwner.com has provided professionally written, industry specific training manuals to thousands of independent restaurant operators, saving them countless hours of researching, organizing and writing their own training manuals from scratch.

Now we'd like to introduce our new Online Training System. We now offer our entire resource library of training manuals, job descriptions, employee handbook and policies manual, steps of service and alcohol management program in an Online Training System for restaurants format that your employees can access 24/7. Even better, we have added online testing for each position.

Summary of Features & Benefits

Industry Leading RestaurantOwner.com Content - We've reformatted our industry standard library of job descriptions, training manuals and operating policies to create an impressive, ready-to-go training program with more than a hundred fully customizable courses and online tests that lead your staff through the most comprehensive, paint-by-numbers training programs ever developed. Each course can be edited to fit your unique operation. And, if you've already downloaded and modified some of our resources, you can copy any of your existing material and paste directly over our preloaded template.

Photo Enhanced Menu Training - The full version of the RestaurantOwner-Waitrainer Online Training System gives you the ability to upload your entire menu of food and beverage items, complete with descriptions, photos and portions so that your staff can gain an in depth knowledge about your menu from the comfort of their home computer, your restaurant POS stations or virtually any computer with Internet access.

Managing your product information has never been easier. Online training allows you to collect and communicate all of your product information including menu, wine, cocktail, spirits and beer products and deliver your product training with ease. The easy to use photo upload feature elevates your training program to new heights of professionalism and effect.

Product Screen Shot for Presentation - Your Content Product Training - Wine Screen Product Training, Cocktail Screen Product Training - Beer Screen

Interactive Glossary - Provide your staff with the in-depth product knowledge your guests will appreciate through a Real-Time Glossary. Both version comes with more than 2,000 culinary, wine, beer and bar related terms with easy "click-to-see" definition technology. Need to add your own terms to improve the knowledge of your culinary style? You can create your own terms in seconds.

Tracking & Assessment - One of the biggest problems with training and development in the restaurant business is getting an accurate picture of the competency and knowledge of your staff. Built-in tracking features show you statistics on test scores, training time and complete/incomplete status for every employee at your restaurant.

Viewing Transcripts

Stress-Free Web Hosting - When you sign up for Online Training, you and your staff will be given a login link directly from your website that takes you to a securely hosted training site designed specifically for your restaurant. You'll have 24/7 access for unlimited number of staff and management. There are no software updates, no upgrades and no hassles to worry about.

Want to Know More?

To find out how you can save hundreds of dollars in set-up cost and monthly hosting simply click on the Sign Me Up link below and a representative will contact you.

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You can create a complete, personalized online training program for less than $3 per day to have a paperless training program that could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year in printing and ink cost, reduced employee turnover, and a 50-75% reduction in training hours and expense.

For more information about Online Training, fill our our online inquiry form at http://www.RestaurantOwner.com/public/1205.cfm.