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Prime Cost Wizard

Prime Cost Wizard

Prime Cost Wizard - Online Financial Tracking Tool

Restaurant operators that track their prime cost weekly routinely increase their bottom-line 2% - 5% or more! The large restaurant chains have been doing this for years. If you want to compete against the chains, you should too.

The Prime Cost Wizard is a web-based restaurant management tool created to help restaurant operators track their sales and expenses with the primary purpose of managing prime cost (food, beverage and labor cost) on a weekly or period basis.

This all-in-one reporting tool eliminates the need for a variety of spreadsheets typically used by operators on a daily, weekly, or period basis.

The Prime Cost Wizard is designed to fill the restaurant management reporting void commonly found between POS and accounting software, providing management with a prompt reporting tool that serves as an early warning system for possible cost overruns.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use, no learning curve financial management tool

  • Replaces spreadsheet dependency with customized online data storage

  • No costly software purchase -- 100% Internet accessible

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry -- unit level data entry, corporate level access

  • Bridges the reporting gap between POS and accounting software

  • Built-in web connect QuickBooks integration

  • Sales and purchase export to accounting

  • Multi-unit solution -- receive sales and purchase data instantly at home office

  • Track financial performance online anywhere, anytime

  • Requires as little as 5-10 minutes per day

What You Get

  • Daily Sales Report Form - Customizable entry form configured to match your POS reports...more>>

  • Purchase Log - Easy-to-use purchase entry screen with drop-down cost coding...more>>

  • Labor Summary - Transfer totals directly from your daily or weekly POS reports...more>>

  • Monitors Inventory Levels - Record inventory totals weekly or by period end, track inventory turnover and keep money off the shelves and in your bank account...more>>

  • Extensive Online Reporting - In addition to weekly prime cost reporting you also get 6-week cost of sales trend, comparisons to prior periods and more than two dozen other reports to help you analyze your restaurant's performance...more>>

  • Weekly and Accounting Period Budgets - Easy to use budget configuration enables you to simultaneously track both weekly budgets and 13-period or 12-month calendar budgets.

  • Accounting Integration - Features built-in, no-hassle QuickBooks integration for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online...more>>

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How to Use Weekly Prime Cost Tracking in Your Restaurant How to Use Weekly Prime Cost Tracking in Your Restaurant
by Joe Erickson
Operators who monitor their prime cost - the combined cost of food, beverage and labor - on a weekly basis, as opposed to just once a month, typically add anywhere from 2 to 5 percent or more to their bottom line. Restaurants that use daily and weekly systems to control costs create a culture of awareness that permeates throughout the staff. more >>

WEBCAST: Best Management Practices of Multi-Unit Restaurants WEBCAST: Best Management Practices of Multi-Unit Restaurants
In this webcast, Joe Erickson and Jim Laube show how multiunit restaurant operators are using their web-based tool - the Prime Cost Wizard - to improve their store communications, reduce food, beverage and labor cost, eliminate duplicate data entry and spreadsheet dependency, tighten up cash accountability and spot theft warning signs, and establish the seamless transfer of sales and purchase data to the home office accounting system. more >>

WEBCAST: RO.com's Prime Cost Wizard WEBCAST: RO.com's Prime Cost Wizard
The Prime Cost Wizard is a web-based financial tool that combines several of our most popular resources (Weekly Prime Cost Worksheet, Daily Sales Report Templates, Daily Sales Plus Labor Summary) into a single, simple-to-use program that integrates with Quickbooks and Peachtree accounting systems. more >>

Prime Cost Wizard Subscription Prime Cost Wizard Subscription
Learn more about pricing and how to sign up for the Prime Cost Wizard service more >>