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What - Another Restaurant Magazine?

Starting and operating a restaurant is a great deal more than a process. It's a mixture of fear and hope, speculation and certainty, doubt and confidence, all blended together with a fair amount of money. It's the beginning of a dream.

It's also the start of an education, unlike any you've had. Whether it's your first establishment or your 10th, no matter how much schooling you have, the combined issues of facility, equipment, diverse and unique personnel, perishable goods, inventory, laws and regulations, tax matters and customers make this a business where learning never ever stops. Or at least, it shouldn't. That's why another restaurant magazine.

Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with Restaurant Startup & Growth (RS&G). As the name suggests, the magazine is focused on the challenges of launching and growing a new restaurant, whether it's a new location, an established operation, or your 10th unit. Every startup is unique. Launching any new business means hard work, capital outlay and long, long days.

The rewards can be tremendous, which explains why, every day, 100 to 125 new restaurants open their doors or change ownership. Approximately 42,000 new restaurant business licenses will be issued this year. These new restaurants will join the ranks of establishments that generate billions of food sales dollars and employ millions of people. You're getting into a very popular and exciting business.

Getting off to a good start is essential in such a competitive and volatile environment. A combination of business acumen, financing and old-fashioned hard work is vital to succeeding; but it may not be enough. You also need specific knowledge, and lots of encouragement and desire. The purpose of RS&G is to offer practical, how-to information on how to start and grow a restaurant business. This magazine will also offer realistic encouragement. (You already have the desire or you wouldn't be reading this.)

We will work hard to have RS&G offer specific worthwhile information that can help with some of these business barriers. We hope it helps you build both your business and your dream.

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