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About RO.com

About RestaurantOwner.com

Anyone can open a restaurant. In fact that's actually the easy part. Making it grow and prosper in a competitive marketplace, now that's the real challenge and THAT requires certain skills and expertise.

While there are many factors that can sink or stall a restaurant, many independent operations don't succeed not because of their location or the quality of their food, but because the owner may be a skillful chef or manager but knows nothing about building a successful business.

Consider this: In every restaurant, owners and managers make decisions, decisions lead to activities in the restaurant and those activities lead to results, financial results. Bad financial results in any business are the result of either bad decisions, poor execution or both.

Many independent owners know they're not doing well, they can tell by the lack of money in the bank, but they don't really know what's wrong. The reason is, they have no way of connecting their bad results to specific activities or decisions causing the poor results.

Great businesspeople understand and follow these three undeniable truths of business:
  1. What get's measured gets managed
  2. What gets managed improves
  3. What gets measured, analyzed and corrected improves exponentially
Many restaurant owners are not getting the results they want because they're not measuring, analyzing and then correcting the critical factors that drive the success of their restaurant. We can show you how to do this and it can literally transform your effectiveness as an owner and significantly improve your restaurant's financial results.

Another huge factor in the success of any restaurant is consistency. Thirty million people a day go to McDonald's for one reason, they know exactly what they're going to get. Regardless of the type of restaurant you own, customers come back because they liked what they had the last time. Repeat business is the foundation of any restaurant's success.  

We will show you how to improve the consistency of your products and deliver a more predictable guest experience by implementing better operating systems and controls.

In our extensive download library we have over 300 restaurant templates, checklists, training manuals, job descriptions, forms and operating procedures to help you quickly and easily create and improve your restaurant's operating systems and procedures. All of these templates have been used and refined in thousands of restaurants and can be easily modified and customized to reflect the exact way you do business.

RestaurantOwner.com also contains an abundance of world class training and resources in the areas of restaurant marketing, food and beverage control, business plans, employee hiring and retention and more.

Another valuable benefit of being a RestaurantOwner.com member, is being a part of an active community of thousands of other independent restaurant operators. Imagine being able to reach out and tap into the wisdom and experiences of other restaurant owners who are dealing with the same types of challenges and issues that you are. On our discussion forum you'll get feedback, encouragement and fresh ideas on anything you may be struggling with.

Whether you own a restaurant or are getting ready to open one, the key to your success is to be a good operator AND have the business skills, abilities and tools to create an adequate and sustainable profit.

As an owner, when you know better, your restaurant will do better.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you and your restaurant, we welcome you to continue the tour and check out our many resources in more detail. To become a member, just go to our registration page.

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