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What Our Members Are Saying

You may be wondering . . . "Should I join?" These are unsolicited comments from our members . . .

"I would like to commend you on an excellent site which I am now in my second year of being a member. My only regret being that I did not find you in my prior 8 years as I would have saved a lot of money and grey hairs from your tips and formats."

"Thank you for indirectly helping save my restaurant and for the growth I now see."

Marc Cedron
Printer's Alley Bar & Grill
Memphis, TN

"You just saved me a minimum of $360,000!

In the middle of writing a business plan for a small restaurant, a property I have loved for 10 years went on the market. It's in a hot area and I had first dibs on the 6 year lease. I was even more gung ho when I emailed friends with my idea and within 24 hours had $250K in investment commitments.

Thanks to what I have learned from being a member of RestaurantOwner.com I was able to go over my checklists and downloads to see that this property did NOT meet my needs. Had I not been a member, I would have jumped in and lost my shirt...or bathing suit. I will continue my search for the perfect location but wanted to thank you for saving me from the deep end."

Michele Rundgren
Kilauea, HI

Just wanted to take a moment a let you know how pleased I am with your web site, and magazine. We opened our first location in February of 2005, after 1 year of planning, and, believe or not, our second one in September of 2005! The resources, guidance, advise and articles have been invaluable to us.

I thought you might want want to know that we recently were awarded the "Diners Choice Award" for "Best New Restaurant in Maryland" by the Restaurant Association of Maryland. I want you to know, that I feel you all played a big role in getting us there with RestaurantOwner.com.

John Linderman
Greystone Grill
Ellicott City, MD

"I wanted to take time from my busy schedule to thank you. I recently signed up for your site and I'm finding it to be the most complete, BEST restaurant resource I have ever discovered. Wow! What a great tool. I wish I had discovered this 8 years ago."

"At the age of 23 I ventured into the restaurant business. I was able to grow my business to 3 restaurant. Despite a degree in Quantitative Economics, I still found your financial seminars informative and educational. I was excited to learn new elements that all my years of education never taught me. The combination of depth and simplicity are what make it really fantastic. I'm now making it a requirement for my managers to watch them."

Steve Weissmann
Sandpiper Restaurant
Bodega Bay, CA

"Until now, I haven't had my own restaurant, I had only been involved in the industry. I found that all the articles you print, all the tips you give are wonderful. The final purchasing papers are going through this week for a 3,000 sq ft building overlooking the river in my home town. Without being a member, I wouldn't have known some answers to the many questions creditors asked, or have completely finished my business plan. I would like to thank you all for keeping me up to speed and for the great jobs you do to keep this website and magazine a huge wealth of knowledge. Thanks!"

Serena Nelson
Up The Creek
Riverton, Manitoba

"Let me say first off that thanks to your web site I am excited about this business once again. From your web site I have learned more about the restaurant business than I have from my last 30 years. Really."

Don Stull
Baker Street
Virginia Beach, VA

"We have been in the restaurant business and at the same location for 30 years. We decided it was time to move and expand and needed money to do it. 30 years ago, no one knew what a business plan was but today, the bank requires one."

"Totally stumped, we found RestaurantOwner.com. They had a ready made business plan template for restaurants. The perfect solution! All we had to do was make a few changes, add our information and that was it. I'm not saying it was easy. But it was definitely worth every minute we spent on it. It clarified things for us, gave us goals to work toward and the bank loved it. We got the money we needed and are beginning construction."

"Thanks to RO for taking the time to provide this very useful tool. It's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into its development."

Gina Schubert
Maggio's Restaurant
Southampton, PA

I use the web site and magazine for help, instruction and articles for every staff member. I am very grateful to have had you by my side every month since the day I opened. This was my very first experience working in food service, I couldn't have done it with out your help. Thank you.

Paulette Campbell
FIG Restaurant
Tuscaloosa, AL

"Since becoming a member, I have literally changed the way I do business. My attitude has changed about every aspect of my restaurant and in implementing many new systems which you re-enforce on your website, I have seen drastic improvements. I'm making more money, my purveyors are making more money and my staff is making more money."

David Chicane
Pearle Restaurant & Oyster Bar
Dublin, NH

Since joining RestaurantOwner.com and reading Restaurant Startup & Growth our restaurant "The Jupiter Island Grill" in Jupiter Florida was voted #2 by the Palm Beach Post [a major newspaper] for best new independent restaurant and #1 Best Entree in Palm Beach County. All of our staff and guests love this establishment. It's a great concept with great views for future projects. I can't thank you folks enough.

Di Martini
The Jupiter Island Grill
Jupiter, FL

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a valuable resource your web site has been for me. Recently, I used some of your templates to retool my training, and employee manuals. More importantly though, your web site has helped fuel my energy and keep me in the game. Your site is well-designed and just crammed with useful materials. Two of my colleagues have recently joined as well.......Please keep up the good work........"

Michael Passalacqua
Angelo's, Inc.
Washington, PA

I sold my restaurant with a great profit and am starting a culinary education at le Cordon Bleu in Thailand. Without RestaurantOwner.com I could have never made my restaurant this successful and able to sell with such a great return on my initial investment. Thank you.

Francis Beauvais
Banciao, Taiwan

"Literally nothing comes to mind that you could do any better than you already have in terms of being a tremendous source of research and support to the independent restaurant community at large. I think the services your organization provides is invaluable to the independent operators and goes a long way towards giving us the same edge that the larger franchise restaurants enjoy with all the support systems that come with being a franchisee."

Rod Russell
Denali Steak House
Palmer, AK

"I'm building my first restaurant here in Manhattan. With over twenty years of mostly back of the house restaurant experience, and a four year stint as the wine buyer for a Manhattan wine retail shop with over 2 million in sales, I can not tell you how valuable I find your website and monthly publication. You are hitting the nerve on many items that seem to fall through the cracks."

Ralf Kuettel
Trestle on Tenth
New York, NY

I can't say enough about the site as well as RS&G. We're opening number 3 this fall and this resource has been priceless.

E.J. Carpenter
Route Restaurants
Burlington, CO

I am so proud to be part of RestaurantOwner.com. You are the only one in all the groups I do or have belonged to that is continually searching for and providing new content for your audience.

You would think that after all these years you would run out of material, but you never do. Every week is fresh. You are continually picking apart our businesses from different vantage points in your effort to give us a better view of the mistakes we make, the opportunities we have and the challenges we all choose to or not to face every single day.

There is no other source I recommend more highly than RestaurantOwner.com. Your love for the industry and compassion for the hard job we have is evident. Your insight and ability to sort your thoughts down to the least common denominator increases our chance to understand what sometimes are very difficult processes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for many years of useable information and friendship.

Ann Reichle
Angelina's Pizza
North Ridgeville, OH

"I've found everything on the site to be a big help. From the financial side to the menu, the amount of information has been a bargain for the price of a subscription! In fact the latest audio on delivery really has me thinking. Great job! Keep up the good work."

Eddie Scoggins
Tavern At The Village Green
Cleveland, TN

"Just to let you know how much help RestaurantOwner.com was and is for the opening of our restaurant. Even being in business for a long time the information, easy layout, and thorough thought-out documents where a big help. After doing research on how to obtain forms, jurisdiction, government forms, etc. I was pleased to find it all on RestaurantOwner.com. Thank you very much."

Albert Rainer
Fillmore Grill
San Francisco, CA

"I love love love your site. It gives me inspiration, organization and so many of the missing tools I have been seeking for the last 20 years."

Jennie Cook
Cook's Double Dutch
Culver City, CA

"I am a small business owner. I must say this is the best tool I've ever subscribed to. Everything is useable from Back of the house info to the front of the house. Of course, I was suspicious at first, with anybody wanting to take your money these days, I did not expect much. This is awesome. Thank you so much. Keep it up."

Gesine Franchetti
The Topaz
Santa Rosa, CA

"RestaurantOwner.com is a wonderful asset, glad I discovered it. I've deleted two full time positions, reduced my inventory, & have been tracking everything much better. I am breaking even now instead of borrowing more money!"

Joleen Coles-Wilt
Matters of Taste Bakery Market Café
Honolulu, HI

"I've been a member of your site for just a few months now, but I wanted you to know that your work has knocked the complacency right out of me, and I feel like all of my Restaurant dreams are within my grasp now . . . I can now get things done so much easier, faster, and better, with the knowledge that I obtain from your website."

Max Richardson
Lorene's Mexican Kitchen
Borger, TX

"So far, we've revised our accounting system and introduced the prime cost concept. My prime costs are dropping because of focusing on both inventory and labor together. We were 69% (prime cost) and should be at <65% within two months. This will improve my contribution margin by $120,000! Thanks for your help with improving our business."

Brian Fitzgerald
Paddy's Brewpub & Rosie's Restaurant
Kentville, Nova Scotia

"Thank you for this site. Little guys like me need all the help we can get and it is wonderful to be able to get answers to questions here."

Margaret Williamson, Owner
Hizzoner's Uptown Deli
Bellingham, WA

"Just wanted to let you know, your website is one of the best I have seen on the web for the independent operator, a tremendous tool. It is the best money an operator could spend, I encourage a lot of the accounts I work with to get on your site and get educated."

Mike Callaghan
Food Services of America
Billings, MT

"You are giving me a great education. I can't soak it up fast enough. The articles, templates and especially the online training are heading me in the right direction to having a great business."

Martin Hardy
City Bagel Café
Siloam Springs, AR

"I have sung the praises of your site to many of my friends, associates, and suppliers. There is a wealth of information and material available from your site that is of tremendous benefit to all independent restaurateurs. We have used virtually everything you offer in some form or another, from the restaurant by the numbers material to all of the articles on service, management, training, etc. The templates for training manuals and various forms have saved us a lot of time which would have been spent compiling and organizing this vital information."

Robert Hodgson
Lefty's Restaurants
Parksville, British Columbia

"I have found your site to be more than useful, it has been a godsend many times."

Jim Bornamann
Aries Restaurants
Kalamazoo, MI

"As a new member I'm finding your site very useful. In particular, the online training sessions have been a big help to me and our managers. Thanks for a great service."

Ben Williams
Kearsarge, NH

"Thanks for your e-mail in regard to Quickbooks. I'm very impressed with the information Restaurant Owner.com is providing. I am already using the spreadsheets and information provided with my management staff and we are making plans right now to convert to the 13/4wk. accounting method you have suggested. Thanks for your useful information and keep it coming."

Ron Smith
Chili Willi's, Inc.
Huntington, WV

I really love your site and it has been such a valuable resource of information for me. There is absolutely nothing like it on the web and I tell all my friends in the business about it!!

Just so you know I have been running a quick service restaurant for over 11 years now and even with all that experience in the business and already having a proven recipe for success I feel like I still learn something new every time I log on to your site. Whether it is a downloaded form I never thought to use before or just an informative article that gives me the courage to try something new (like email marketing), I always come away feeling like I have added something valuable to my tool-chest of restaurant management knowledge.

Khalid Halim
California Cuisine
San Mateo, CA

I am spending an hour a day learning the business from all the great resources on website. This is the best investment I have come across in many years.

Larry Box
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Grapevine, TX

My partner I own a restaurant in Cleveland called Johnny Mango. On our 8 year anniversary later this month, we will open our second. We have cherished your site throughout this process! For the past year and a half, 2 of our managers have dedicated themselves to creating policies, procedures and manuals for every detail of our business. We have used your site as a guideline for everything from hiring to firing.

Shelley Underwood
Johnny Mango
Cleveland, OH

I just wanted to let you know how much great info I got from your site before, but now it's even better, this is the greatest! Keep up the good work. You have no idea how much you have helped me and my restaurant thank you.

Jeanine Dimenna
Page One Restaurant
Glen Cove, NY

Your site is such an asset to this industry. I just wanted to drop you a note, and let you know how much I appreciate it. The resource you have created has been great for my group.

Gideon Gebreyesus
Adulis Restaurant Group
New Haven, CT

I would like to mention again how valuable I find your site. It's the best resource out there for those of us in the trenches!

Joanne Palzkill
Draganetti's Ristorante
Eau Claire, WI

I really enjoy your site. Finally, the little guy has the info and knowledge to compete with the big chains!

Denis Leidholt
StageCoach Station
Miles City, MT

I felt I had hit a gold mine when I found your web site and the wealth of information it had to offer us.

David Myrick
Laurel, MS

As always, thanks for your quick reply and all your help, your website is the most valuable resource I have.

Beverley Wolfe
Eureka, CA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say what a great job you have done with RestaurantOwner.com. The new layout of your site adds up to a wealth of powerful information at my fingertips. I saw you many years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan at one of your seminars. It was the best seminar I have ever been to. It changed and sharpened my approach to food and beverage management.

Mike Karas
Crazy Horse Steakhouse
Holland, MI

The information you provide your members is a God-send! I would be lost without it!

Mark Nevin
Yankee Doodles
Long Beach, CA

After being in the restaurant for more than 20 years, I have never come across so much informative information ever! I love it! After reading the E-Myth, and becoming a member to your site, myself and my business has turned completely for the better. Amazing! I spend about 1 hour a day exploring. Just want to say Thank You!

Chris Wiley
OZ Pizza
East Point, GA

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have an internet service that offers concrete, relevant, professional solutions and information for the restaurant owner/operator. There are so many other services offered, that are "smoke and mirror" operations; they do a great injustice to their profession as well as the use of the internet. Keep up the good work !!!

Michael Allette
Cilantro Tamales
Bonita Springs, FL

RestaurantOwner.com's business plan template absolutely hits the mark. Its contents are thorough, pertinent, applicable and text book perfect. My company literally saved thousands on a business plan by simply downloading RO.com's FREE template.

Steve Paoli
Mission Bay Foods
San Francisco, CA

We're here in the 18th hour of putting together our business plan for our new and most expensive restaurant #3. Using your spreadsheets has made this the easiest business plan we've put together and we're all giggling at how much fun it is...this is the most value I have ever received for any membership in any organization....ever. Keep up the exceptional work!

Rob Page
The Bisbee Grille & Don Ramon's Inn
Bisbee, AZ