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Success Focus Video: Improving Service Times

DOWNLOAD: Kitchen Ticket Time Analysis FormDOWNLOAD: Kitchen Ticket Time Analysis Form
Consistent service time is one of the cornerstones of great customer service. Use this form to evaluate your restaurant's average order preparation time and to identify causes and solutions for excess . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Customer Service ChecklistDOWNLOAD: Customer Service Checklist
Every restaurant needs to create a large core of repeat customers and the most effect way to keep your guests coming back is by taking care of them with exceptional service. Use this checklist as a gu . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Daily Prep SheetDOWNLOAD: Daily Prep Sheet
Preparing the proper quantity of food products is a critical function in any kitchen. Prep too much & you have spoilage & waste. Don't make enough and you lose sales opportunities and disappoi . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Server Sidework ChecklistDOWNLOAD: Server Sidework Checklist
Servers have sidework duties in addition to their primary service tasks. So that these tasks are completed consistently, it's important to have detailed checklists so that everyone knows what they're . . . more >>

How to Make a Small Kitchen Work for YouHow to Make a Small Kitchen Work for You
by Stephani Robson
More with Less: Five Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Work in Your Restaurant - Most start-up restaurants try to make do with the smallest kitchen space possible because kitchens are expensive to build an . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Service Steps Chart for Full Service Restaurants
Great service begins by knowing the basic steps of service that guests expect. This customizable chart can be used in training your staff the basic service steps expected for all full service restaur . . . more >>

How to Profit From Proper Prep WorkHow to Profit From Proper Prep Work
By Jim Laube
Profitable preparation practices can help you control your costs and enhance the odds that your kitchen is capable of creating the food products your guests want and expect. Here are a dozen kitchen p . . . more >>

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Line Check TemplateDOWNLOAD: Restaurant Line Check Template
Smart kitchen managers and chefs know that advance preparation is the key to a smooth shift. This completely customizable check list can be tailored to reflect your unique cook line, enabling chefs an . . . more >>

Head Off Problems with the Preshift Line CheckHead Off Problems with the Preshift Line Check
by Chef Brian Poor
The line check ensures that the food you serve is consistent and of high quality. It requires you to use all your senses and be in control of every corner of your kitchen. Here's how it should work. . . . more >>

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