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Restaurant Success Focus Videos

Building a successful restaurant business today essentially boils down to intelligent decision-making and competent execution in three key areas: business management, operations and marketing.

Our Success Focus Videos include instructions and helpful reminders on a specific system for building and sustaining a successful and profitable restaurant business. Each video is accompanied by a list of specific resources to help you implement these systems.

Our hope is that these videos can help you identify and then focus on just one area of your restaurant or business at a time and decide whether it's something you should be doing or not. If you decide to move forward on it and you have questions or need support along the way, post your questions in our Member's Only Discussion Forum and we promise you'll get a timely response.

Our goal is to increase the odds that the systems and resources on RestaurantOwner.com actually get acted upon and implemented in more restaurants - because we know they work!

Success Focus Video: POS Crisis
Success Focus Video: POS Crisis POS systems in restaurants are much like cell phones -- almost everyone has one. The benefits of a well-configured POS system cannot be disputed; at least not until it breaks or goes down. How would your restaurant react to a POS crisis? . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: Setting the Standard
Success Focus Video: Setting the Standard As the leader of your restaurant, your mood, character, ethics and work habits have a far reaching impact on your restaurant's culture. If you want to be successful in creating high standards for your staff then you must be willing to set a good example by following those standards. . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: Premade or From-Scratch?
Success Focus Video: Premade or From-Scratch? So how does one go about deciding whether or not to make something in-house or buy it premade? The answer to this question is found by the determination of three factors; quality, consistency and cost. The reality is not all in-house recipes are better than some of the premade products available. . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: Burning the House Down
Success Focus Video: Burning the House Down Unfortunately, many restaurant owners place their trust in a few key employees such as a manager, chef, bookkeeper, key server or bartender to keep watch on the rest of the staff for theft prevention. But what many owners find out is that it's often the very people you trust the most that end up stealing you blind. . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: Handling Complaints
Success Focus Video: Handling Complaints The bottom-line is this -- regularity of complaints can have a staggering sales impact. Considering that as much as 80 percent of your business relies on repeat customers, unresolved complaints will most certainly result in lost sales and eventually a shuttering of your doors. So, when you get a complaint, two things need to happen. First, resolve it quickly. Next, revisit your systems to find ways to prevent future complaints. . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: Avoiding Guest Complaints
Success Focus Video: Avoiding Guest Complaints The only way to reduce complaints was to implement systems to avoid them. We must have systems designed to achieve a specific guest experience -- including systems to thoroughly train our staff on how to follow them. A common definition for what the guest experience should look like is also very important. . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: A Simple Solution on How to Motivate Your Staff
Success Focus Video: A Simple Solution on How to Motivate Your Staff What is your restaurant doing to promote and improve your staff's culture? In a recent thread on our Member Only discussion forum one of our members asked for advice on how best to start an employee-of-the-month program. The replies provided her with creative ways to motivate staff to do a great job and create a positive culture. . . . more >>
Success Focus Video: Create a Culture of Excellence in Your Staff
Success Focus Video: Create a Culture of Excellence in Your Staff In order to create a culture of excellence you must hire, train and retain A-caliber workers. An A-caliber worker wants to do an excellent job, but before you can expect to attract and retain A-workers, you must first implement systems that do not allow C-caliber workers. . . . more >>
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