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People Systems

Restaurant Systems - People

The people you employee embody the "face" of your restaurant. They affect everything in your restaurant from the guest experience and profit to co-workers and quality of product.

Our people systems department includes extensive resources on Personnel systems such as Hiring and Recruitment, Onboarding, Training, Employee Retention and Coaching, Discipline and Termination systems and forms.

We also have extensive resources for Management systems to help your managers become more effective leaders and better managers, including Leadership resources, Labor Scheduling, Communication tools and Shift Management systems.

SYSTEM: Organizational Structure
SYSTEM: Organizational Structure
In order to successfully work ON your business as opposed to IN your restaurant you must be willing to delegate accountability to others. An organization chart is an effective way to show who is responsible for what functions and areas in a business enterprise. The organization chart by key areas differs from the organizational chart by position in that it helps to emphasize the roles you currently play for each of the 4 key areas of your restaurant - marketing, food & beverage production, service & hospitality and financial tracking and administration. more >>

SYSTEM: Training Checklist - Servers
SYSTEM: Training Checklist - Servers
In today's competitive restaurant landscape, average or less-than-average servers significantly reduces your ability to compete. On the other hand, a friendly, polite and well-trained server has arguably the biggest impact on the guest experience by helping create customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business. In order to have well-trained servers you must also have a world-class training program. One of the fundamental components of an effective training program more >>

SYSTEM: Training Manuals
SYSTEM: Training Manuals
Training manuals provide the basis for consistent results so that you're capable of creating high-quality dining experiences regardless of who's on the floor or in the kitchen. Having a complete and thorough restaurant training manual for every position is critical to ensure consistent training when people are hired and for correct, consistent execution in the restaurant. more >>

SYSTEM: Job Descriptions
SYSTEM: Job Descriptions
Job descriptions give you a benchmark with which to communicate your expectations and evaluate performance, both good and bad. They also play a key role in the hiring process. You must be able to accurately describe to an applicant the details of a position before they are hired so they have an accurate picture of what the job entails and what they need to do to be a successful employee in your restaurant. more >>

SYSTEM: Labor Scheduling
SYSTEM: Labor Scheduling
Use the schedule template to create schedules and labor budgets for virtually any type of food and beverage establishment, including full service, counter service, fine dining, bars, quick service, and banquet rooms. Scheduled labor hours and cost are summarized into daily and weekly totals, providing management with budget objectives for managing hourly staff positions based upon expected sales levels. more >>

SYSTEM: Employee Handbook
SYSTEM: Employee Handbook
Communicating personnel policies, work rules, expectations, benefit plans, and overall organizational philosophy to employees is vitally important to any business. In a restaurant, which leans on well-trained and informed employees to provide service that distinguishes your house from the place down the street, providing this information in a quick, understandable format is especially important. A sound employee handbook can prove beneficial in a number of ways, including improving employee morale, avoiding litigation, and increasing consistent application of workplace policies and discipline. more >>