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The Key to Building a More Successful Restaurant

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Willing People + Effective Systems

Business training

Everyone's had an extraordinary experience, when the food, service, attention to detail, atmosphere, everything, couldn't have been better. If you're fortunate enough to have gone back and had that same experience more than once, we have a question for you. How did they do it? Answer - people and systems. That is, someone, in most cases the owner, was very good at assembling a team of competent, caring people whose ability to function consistently at a high level was supported with very effective systems.

The point is, superior restaurant experiences don't happen by accident. One or more key people were very intentional and deliberate about creating the dining experience you enjoyed.

At RestaurantOwner.com we believe the most effective way to improve your results and create sustainable restaurant success is to ensure that your restaurant consistently provides the best customer experience in your local market. This is done by developing a competent, caring staff and leveraging their abilities with excellent systems.

In our members area we'll provide you with the training and insights to build an exceptional staff and the tools to implement better systems.

  • reportsMembers-Only Articles & Special Reports
    No matter what your level of skill or experience, you'll find articles you can relate to and learn from written by restaurant professionals with years of industry experience
  • keyword searchableKey Word Searchable Content
    Our database contains over 1,200 resources that you can quickly find on virtually every topic on managing the business side of your restaurant.
  • online seminarsOnline Seminars
    Over 6 hours of videos with workbooks on business and financial management, food cost control and menu strategies and tactics that will enhance your skills and profitability.
  • member insightsSuccess Focus Videos
    Easy to follow video clips featuring some of our members' highly successful practices in marketing, building repeat business, implementing systems and more.
  • live webinarsLive Webinars
    Each month you'll be able to attend at least one live webinar to build your skills, ask questions and keep you up to date on the latest concepts and tools to build your business.
  • video profilesVideo Profiles
    Our most successful members show you their restaurants and tell you exactly how they manage their restaurant and how they've created such a successful business.


Members-Only Systems & tools


Learning new insights and skill are always helpful but it's much more impactful when you have the right tools to successfully implement new systems, processes and methods in your restaurant.

In our Systems and Download areas you'll have over 400 downloadable templates, worksheets, implementation guides and reporting tools that will help you quickly and easily create and document your own operating, marketing, reporting and staffing systems.

We'll show you how to use these resources and how to customize them to meet your unique requirements. This will help you become more effective and productive quickly and save you TONS of time getting new and better systems to work in your restaurant.

Here's a look at some of the systems, resources and tools you'll get as a member:

  • startupStartup Resources
    Articles and tools on concept development, site selection, leasing, raising money, restaurant construction, buying equipment, licenses and permits and much more.
  • marketingMarketing Systems
    Templates and detailed steps for implementing direct response marketing practices incuding birthday club, customer newsletter, red envelope and other ongoing activities.
  • operating systemsOperating Systems
    Templates and detailed steps for improving and standardizing dining room, kitchen and bar systems, processes and procedures.
  • proceduresRestaurant Startup & Growth Magazine
    Each month receive in depth articles and fresh insights from the only "how to" magazine on starting and growing your restaurant business.

  • business plan templatesBusiness Plan Templates
    Get proven advice and templates to create the narrative and financial parts of your business plan to evaluate the feasibility and raise capital for your new restaurant.
  • people systemsPeople Systems
    Templates and detailed steps for recruiting, hiring, selection, training, coaching, reviewing, scheduling and developing a great team.
  • financial systemsFinancial Systems
    Templates and detailed steps for implementing cash and financial controls, P&L reporting, weekly Prime Cost reporting, recipe costing and other financial and cost controls.
  • leadership resourcesLeadership Resources
    Insights and practics that will make you a better leader by establishing and communicating your restaurant's mission, vision and values, developing your people.


Connect with Other Restaurant Owners


One of the best benefits of being a member is having access to our community of independent restaurant owners who are in the trenches of the restaurant business doing the work and dealing with the same challenges as you.

These people know exactly what it's like to be in your shoes and it's very likely that many have already tackled some of the problems that are keeping you awake at night. Having the ability to connect to other operators and learn from them is invaluable.

Being a restaurant owner can be a lonely undertaking when it feels like you're battling all those challenges by yourself. It doesn't have to be that way when you become part of an active support network of like-minded restaurant pros on RestaurantOwner.com.

Here's what you'll find in the RestaurantOwner.com Community:

  • discussion forumMembers-Only Discussion Forum
    Tap into the knowledge and experience of thousands of independent operators dealing with the ssame issues you are. Get new ideas, perspectives, encouragement and helpful feedback 24/7.
  • success storiesMember Success Stories
    Find articles, videos and screencasts that highlight what's working and creating success in a variety of member restaurants and operating environments.
  • surveysMember Surveys
    Learn what other operators say about their POS systems, loyalty programs, startup costs, best marketing promotions, hiring and selection practices and more.


How Much?

In just a small restaurant the potential turnaround value of even one or two of our many resources could easily be worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in incremental income growth alone.

However, the initial and monthly investment in a RestaurantOwner.com membership is staggeringly affordable. We're often told by members that we are not charging enough (which is exactly what we want to hear).

Features and Benefits

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