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DOWNLOAD: Sample Restaurant Business Plans

Gain insights and ideas for creating your own restaurant business plan by referring to our sample restaurant business plans for Blue Fish Grill, a casual-theme, seafood restaurant; Tijuana Taco, a quick-serve Mexican eatery; and Paulie's Pizza, a family-owned neighborhood pizzeria.

These downloads are complete sample business plans that include the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Business Concept
  • Management Team
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Operations
  • Investment Analysis
  • Growth Plan/Exit Strategy
  • Financial Projections
  • Appendices

Download Blue Fish Grill Business Plan
Download Tijuana Tacos Business Plan
Download Paulie's Pizza Business Plan

DOWNLOAD: Sample Server Training Manual

This training manual template will give you plenty of ideas for improving or creating your own training manuals for your key staff positions.

Use this training manual template as a guide to create your own detailed training manual for this position. Having a complete and thorough training manual for every position is critical to ensure consistent training when people are hired and for correct, consistent execution in the restaurant. We highly recommend that you not use these templates in their current forms, but rather use it as a guide to develop your own unique training manual for these positions in YOUR restaurant.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • This template may give you some ideas to improve the content and effectiveness your existing training manual.
  • Use this template to create your own training manual from scratch.
  • Having an accurate, easy-to-understand training manual for every position is vital to training new employees to become productive quickly and creating a restaurant capable of creating a consistent, high-quality dining experience.


Download the Server Training Manual