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DOWNLOAD: Perpetual Inventory & Ordering Template

DOWNLOAD: Perpetual Inventory & Ordering Template

Effective systems and controls are the cornerstone of successful chain restaurants. Having a streamlined ordering procedure and sound inventory control are crucial to maintaining consistent cost of sales and product availability.

Running out of product or having product disappear not only cost you money, it significantly affects your guests' opinion of your restaurant.

Ordering and inventory control should not be a two step process. This multi-purpose form serves as both an ordering tool and a perpetual inventory control for every product in your restaurant or bar. It is ideal for tracking key food items, liquor storage rooms, uniforms, linens, expensive cleaning supplies, smallwares and merchandise.

Forms can be printed and posted on a clipboard in the kitchen, bar or office for use when ordering or receiving. This tool can be used for virtually every item in your restaurant.


Summary of features & benefits:

  • Multi-purpose form that serves as an ordering guide and maintains perpetual inventory tracking for everything in your restaurant or bar.

  • This form simplifies inventory counts and speeds up the entire process.

  • The perpetual inventory feature provides a simple and effective method to accurately control inventory for liquor storage rooms, uniforms, merchandise or any of the key items you want to track and control distribution.

  • View up to four weeks of ordering, receiving and usage history on a single page. Eliminates the need to review old invoices or purchase orders.

The Perpetual Inventory & Ordering Template is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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