DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Newsletter Templates

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Newsletter Templates

Successful operators will tell you that the best way to increase sales is to build repeat business. Many agree that a proven method for building repeat business is to stay connected with your customers by sending out a newsletter at least once a month.

Get a jump on the creation of your personalized customer newsletter by downloading the Restaurant Newsletter Templates. These ready-to-use sample newsletters are available in four different styles to choose from.

Simply edit the style that best fits your restaurant image by inserting the name of your restaurant.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Contains space to insert a personalized message or article to your customers
  • Includes a calendar for listing upcoming events
  • Changeable Table of Contents provides a quick reference for your readers
  • Contains several creative items such as recipes, helpful hints or food-related trivia



Style #1 - Elegant







Style #2 - Contemporary









Style #3 - Pizza



Style #4 - Family




This template is available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel file format. 

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