How to Make the Most of Any Menu

Target Audience: Restaurant owners & managers

The menu is an operator's blueprint for profit. It determines a restaurant's image, defines the concept and is the shopping list guests use to make their buying decisions and spend their money. It can be their best (or worst) sales and even profit generator. The menu does not produce a profit, but properly designed and presented, it can help increase the sales that do! It is the cornerstone of having a profitable operation and the centerpiece of the guests' dining experience.

This program will give you a host of specific, proven strategies and techniques to enhance the value, effectiveness and profit-making potential of any menu.

Part 1: Menu Format & Design Techniques
Time: 23 minutes

  • Ways your menu can help you increase sales & profit
  • The preferred menu format in today's full service restaurants
  • Menu design and positioning techniques to enhance the sales of your signature and "prime" menu items
  • The smartest ways to arrange the layout of a menu to direct attention to specific dishes
  • How to determine your "prime" menu items, the one's you really want your customers to buy
  • Examples of positioning & graphic techniques

Part 2: Menu Copy & Pricing Strategies
Time: 23 minutes

  • The best colors & fonts to use
  • Smart pricing strategies that will improve profit immediately
  • How to determine if you've got too many menu items
  • The advantages of incorporating branded products into your menu
  • How to write more effective, compelling menu copy to create positive mental images and influence selection rates
  • Why your menu should be your best sales tool, not your servers
  • Ideas for improving kid's menus
  • How to sell more desserts

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