DOWNLOAD: Closing Your Restaurant Business Checklist

Closing your restaurant is never a rewarding experience, but having an organized plan can help you avoid unnecessary consequences and possibly save you some money.

Our Checklist for Closing Your Restaurant Business is divided into 2 phases;

  • Phase I - Preparation Before you close the doors you need to evaluate the legal, financial and tax consequences of closing your restaurant. You'll also want to consider how and when to announce your actions to employees and customers. This is also the stage to consider whether or not bankruptcy is appropriate.

  • Phase II - Post-closing Much of the work associated with closing actually happens after you've closed. Use this portion of the checklist as a guideline for filing final tax forms, closing accounts and reducing future liability.

*This checklist is a guide only. Consult with a qualified attorney before taking action.

This checklist is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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