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DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Site Selection Analysis Form

Selecting a restaurant site can be a challenging endeavor. The Restaurant Site Selection Analysis form is used by professional restaurant consultants to discover negative factors about a proposed site before a lease agreement is signed or property is purchased.

For you, the Restaurant Site Selection Analysis form provides in-depth analysis that can help you determine the proposed site fits your particular concept.

Use this form to collect, analyze and evaluate the merits of a prospective restaurant site.

This template is available in RTF (rich text format) file format. RTF file format works in most word processing programs.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Provides a method for recording traffic patterns and descriptions
  • Contains space to record competing restaurants within the market
  • Lists activity generators that could influence customer frequency
  • Allows you to analyze the big three; Visibility, Accessibility and Parking
  • Provides a place to enter construction and engineering analysis, zoning requirements, and utilities assessment


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