DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Site Selection Analysis Form

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Site Selection Analysis Form

Selecting a restaurant site can be a challenging endeavor. The Restaurant Site Selection Analysis form is used by professional restaurant consultants to discover negative factors about a proposed site before a lease agreement is signed or property is purchased.

For you, the Restaurant Site Selection Analysis form provides in-depth analysis that can help you determine the proposed site fits your particular concept.

Use this form to collect, analyze and evaluate the merits of a prospective restaurant site.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Provides a method for recording traffic patterns and descriptions
  • Contains space to record competing restaurants within the market
  • Lists activity generators that could influence customer frequency
  • Allows you to analyze the big three; Visibility, Accessibility and Parking
  • Provides a place to enter construction and engineering analysis, zoning requirements, and utilities assessment

This template is available in RTF (rich text format) file format. RTF file format works in most word processing programs.


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