DOWNLOAD: Peer Review and Self-Evaluation Job Performance Forms

DOWNLOAD: Peer Review and Self-Evaluation Job Performance Forms

Use the Peer Review and Self-Evaluation Job Performance Forms to gain your workers' perspective of job performance.

Motivate your staff to work well with one another by involving them in the performance evaluation process. Most employees will reveal their strength and weaknesses if given the opportunity. The Self-Evaluation form allows employees to tell you how they view their own job performance.

The Peer Review gives fellow staff members the opportunity to express their evaluation of one another. By seeing your employees through the eyes of your staff, you'll be better informed on the things your employee does well and which areas need improvement.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Compare the Self-Evaluation to that of the Peer Review to gain a better understanding of job performance.
  • Managers can use these results when conducting an Employee Performance Review.

  • The anonymous Peer Review provides insight into how workers view one another.

  • Gives employees the opportunity to provide feedback on their jobs and performance.

There are two job performance evaluation forms available; the first is a Peer Review Form, and the second is a Self-Evaluation Form,.

Go to download page for Peer Review Form.

Go to download page for Self-Evaluation Form.

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