DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Preopening Weekly Task Sheet

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Preopening Weekly Task Sheet

The key to keeping your restaurant's opening schedule on track is to take it one week at a time. Project managers who excel in weekly planning are more likely to make a predetermined opening date than those with poor planning skills.

Weekly planning and implementation is best accomplished through effective weekly project meetings that are brief, well-organized, and informative. This is achieved by using the weekly planning guide as an agenda.

This form can be used in conjunction with the "Restaurant 90-Day Preopening Planning Chart".

Use your Pre-opening Weekly Task Sheet to:

  • Review project status
  • Discuss upcoming tasks

  • Assign project tasks to responsible parties

  • Keep track of individual progress for owners, managers, contractors, and financing

  • Keep project participants working toward common deadlines and goals

* This form was created and provided by Ala Carte Consulting Group

Use this template as a guide to create your own weekly agenda form. It can be modified to meet the specific needs of your restaurant or bar opening schedule.

This template comes in a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file format.

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