Survey Results: Pay Rates by Geographic Region

Pay rates vary from one geographical region to another. Cost of living, state minimum wage laws, and other factors have a significant impact on pay scales for various jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey semiannually. Wage estimates are calculated from the data collected and and reported by industry, including the foodservice industry. The results are available to the public by going online to

Our survey, however, was limited to members, which are primarily independent restaurateurs. Unlike the OES survey, one of the questions we asked operators to answer is what they pay in terms of salary and hourly wages before tip income for the following positions:

  • Annual Salaries - General Manager, Chef/Kitchen Manager, Asst. Manager, Bookkeeper, Catering Director

  • Hourly Wages - Waitstaff, Host, Bartender, Barback, Busser, Cashier, Line Server, Delivery, Sous Chef, Line Cook, Prep/Pantry, Dishwasher

We separated the pay rate results by geographical region. Simply click on the region to view responses.

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Geographic Regions

North Central





Alberta Illinois Connecticut Alabama Arizona Alaska
British Columbia Indiana Maine Arkansas California Guam
Manitoba Iowa Massachusetts Delaware Colorado Hawaii
New Brunswick Kansas New Hampshire District of Columbia Idaho Puerto Rico
Newfoundland & Labrador Michigan New Jersey Florida Nevada Virgin Islands
Northwest Territories Minnesota New York Georgia New Mexico  
Nova Scotia Missouri Pennsylvania Kentucky Oregon
Ontario Montana Rhode Island Louisiana Utah  
Prince Edwards Island Nebraska Vermont Maryland Washington
Quebec North Dakota   Mississippi Wyoming
Saskatchewan Ohio   North Carolina  
Yukon South Dakota   Oklahoma  
  Wisconsin   South Carolina  
      West Virginia


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