Industry Survey: Restaurant Labor Cost

Industry Survey: Restaurant Labor Cost

Correctly judging the optimum number of staff to hire, and what they should be paid, is a significant challenge for the startup restaurateur. Getting it right is essential to the success of the restaurant. Likewise, misjudging these numbers can blow the budget and undermine your business plan.

In our survey, "What Restaurants Pay for Staff and Management", we asked respondents to tell us what they pay and how many staff they employ for their particular concept. We have grouped the results by several criteria in hopes of providing meaningful comparisons when it comes to seeing how your particular establishment (or concept-to-be) stacks up against similar operations.

Unlike our other surveys, we have enhanced our report by providing additional data, gathered from several industry statistical resources such as the National Restaurant Association and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that might help you in your quest to accurately estimate your staffing needs and cost.

Pay Rates by Geographic Region
Labor Cost as a Percentage of Sales
Number of Staff Compared to Sales and Seats (Full Service)
General Manager, Chef, and Kitchen Manager Salaries by Service Type

Other tools to help you determine staffing needs include:

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