DOWNLOAD: Purchase Existing Restaurant Checklist

DOWNLOAD: Purchase Existing Restaurant Checklist

Buying an existing restaurant - one in which you plan on continuing as an ongoing entity - can be a tricky proposition, especially for startup restaurateurs. This 99 point checklist will help guide you through the process of the purchase, starting with the offer and culminating with key checklist items to help you avoid unforeseen pitfalls.

Our Checklist for Purchasing an Existing Restaurant is divided into 3 definitive phases;

  • Phase I - Valuation The valuation phase lists several key things you should check in order to properly evaluate the fair market value of the selling price - before you make an offer.

  • Phase II - Verification Once your offer has been accepted, you'll want to make sure there are no surprises with what you think you are purchasing. This phase includes inspections, license and permitting checks, and potential liabilities to look out for before you close the sale.

  • Phase III - Transition Upon closing the sale, you'll want to use this checklist before assuming control of day to day operations.

This checklist is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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