DOWNLOAD: Donation Tracking Form

DOWNLOAD: Donation Tracking Form

Restaurants are constantly bombarded with requests for donations to a variety of charities and fundraisers. Unless you have a system for tracking these commitments, you'll end up an easy target for an ever-increasing number of causes.

This form can help you keep track of donations and redemptions by providing a log of each commitment. By having a history of donated items you'll be able to anticipate upcoming requests and budget accordingly. You'll enjoy the added benefit of being able to tell donation seekers that you have a monthly budget and that requests must be made according to your policy.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Tracks issue date, amount and redemption information

  • Maintains a running sub-total of the retail value and estimated cost of donations by month

  • Helps to control the budget and set donation request policy

The Donation Tracking Form is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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