Recipe Mapping: 75 Chestnut

Recipe Mapping: 75 Chestnut

by Tom Bruce

This Month's Features:
TK's Sausage Sampler and Fisherman's Pasta

Tom Bruce, founding chef and owner of Sacramento Food & Beverage, was contracted to help develop new menu items for 75 Chestnut, owned and operated by Tom Kershaw, whose Boston operations include 84 Beacon St., The Hampshire House, Cheers Pub, 75 Chestnut and Sam's Café.

This particular project revolved around the conceptual regeneration of the 9-year-old 75 Chestnut restaurant, with a simplified but imaginative menu. Working alongside corporate executive chef Markus Ripperger, they created several outstanding menu items to achieve their objective. This month, Bruce, with the blessing of the 75 Chestnut group, shares two of the great menu items they created. This detailed presentation shows the steps taken, including costing and subrecipe creation, to turn good recipes into great menu items.

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