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New Members: Get Your Membership Off to a Fast Start

New Members: Get Your Membership Off to a Fast Start

Here's a shortlist of some of our most popular content by topic area.

New members may find this helpful in finding a starting point to quickly gain some insights and ideas to solve their most pressing challenges or objectives.

Also, use it as a quick reference guide to find resources that other members have gone to most often.

To identify additional resources, go to Search and the Discussion Forum Search to tap into the wealth of experience, insights and wisdom of our thousands of members.

How to Build Repeat Business
Marketing Best Practices of Independent Operators
How to Get More Repeat Business
Email Marketing: 5 Best Practices to Build Repeat Business

How to Capture More New Customers
How to Get All The Customers you Will Ever Need
Why Traditional Advertising Doesn't Work
How to Turn New Movers Into Regular Customers

Creating Systems & Procedures
How to Turn Your Good Restaurant Into a Great Business
Employee Training Manual Templates
Operational Checklists

Food Cost Control
What Every Restaurant Pro Should Know About Food Cost
Why Prime Cost is the Most Important Number on Your P&L
Seven Ways to Halt Receiving Losses

Inventory Control
Keep a Running Inventory of Your Key Products
How to Avoid Running Out of Product With an Effective Order Guide
Perpetual Inventory & Ordering Template

Labor Cost Control
Restaurant Labor Scheduling Basics
Why Prime Cost is the Most Important Number on Your P&L
Blind Staffing Labor Schedule Planner

Liquor & Bar Control
Do You Have a Liquor Problem or Not?
How To Prevent Internal Theft Behind the Bar
Alcohol Management Program

Preparing a Business Plan
Sample Restaurant Business Plans
How to Create a Winning Restaurant Business Plan
Restaurant Business Plan Templates

New Restaurant Feasibility & Startup
Restaurant Startup & Feasibility Model
How to Reduce the Risk of Opening a New Restaurant
Restaurant Startup Checklist

Financial Management
Restaurant Chart of Accounts & Coding Guide
How to Evaluate Your Restaurant's Profitability
Key Industry Averages: How Does Your Restaurant Stack Up?

Staff Retention & Recognition
How An Employee Survey Can Improve Your Restaurant
Why Do Workers Leave?
Employee Performance Evaluation Forms

How to Hire Better Employees
Screen Interview Form
10 Interview Questions Restaurant Operators Should Ask Before Hiring Anyone
Why Stupid People Get Hired - and What You Can Do to Avoid This

Customer Service
Customer Service Checklist
Five Steps to Improve Customer Service
Cashing In On Complaints - How to Turn Disappointed Diners Into Gold

Growing Catering & Delivery
How to Grow Your Restaurant Through Catering
Catering Agreement Template
Delivery-It's Not Just for Fast Food Anymore

Menu Design & Engineering
Menu Engineering Basics: How to Make Your Menu Your Top Salesperson
Menu Engineering Worksheets
How to Make The Most of Your Menu: Format & Design Techniques

How to Control Theft
Poor Check-Out Procedures Make It Easy for Employees to Steal
10 Smart Systems for Reducing Profit-Robbing Theft
Serving & Settlement Controls: Proven Ways to Safeguard Your Sales & Cash

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