DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Maintenance History Log

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Maintenance History Log

Equipment repairs and maintenance are a fact of life for restaurant operators, especially as your kitchen equipment and building get older. Keeping up with the repair history for each piece of equipment can be an impossible task if you have to rely on the review of old invoices for reference.

This form can help you keep track of repairs by providing a log of each service call. By having a history of equipment repairs for each piece of major equipment you own, and placed in a binder for quick reference, your managers are better able to find the proper service company and hold them accountable for work done.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Tracks warranty and purchase information including model and serial numbers

  • Space to list the preferred vendor and alternate vendor when service is needed

  • Records the service problem service ticket, cost of service and date for each service call

The R&M History Log is downloadable in a Microsoft Word® (.docx) file format.

This form was provided by member Paul Bergeron of Joey's Seafood & Grill in Winter Haven, Florida

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