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Restaurant POS Comparison Survey

Restaurant POS Comparison Survey

Industry experts tell us that restaurateurs purchase or upgrade their POS systems every three to five years. Considering the price tag, selecting the right POS system for your restaurant is a critical decision that is best served by gathering as much knowledge about your prospective purchase as possible.

(NOTE: Go to our latest POS survey at http://www.restaurantowner.com/public/1093.cfm)

In order to help independent restaurateurs in this endeavor we asked our members who had POS to complete a restaurant POS comparison survey. The response was astounding, revealing valuable insight about the many POS choices available to the independent restaurateur. This collection includes honest opinions of both vendors and products including statistical data that can aid you in your search for the right POS system.

The results reveal valuable information such as:

  • Which systems are selected most often by independents?

  • The average price paid for each workstation.

  • How the various POS systems compare in ease of use, programmability, and reliability.

  • How operators rate the quality of training, support, and programming they received.

  • How operators rate certain features such as reporting, timekeeping and inventory control.

We'd like to thank the more than 800 RestaurantOwner.com members who participated in this survey. Considering that collectively these participants spent more than $15,000,000 in purchasing their POS systems, their insight provides a valuable resource to those who are seeking new systems, ultimately spending an average of over $18,000 for their POS system.

View survey results

View Statistical Analysis

Over 100 POS Systems Evaluated

Included in the more than 800 survey responses were evaluations of more than 100 different POS systems. The table below shows the ten POS systems with the most number of responses. Considering that the majority of our members are independent restaurateurs, it might be natural to conclude that the number of responses reflects the market share of the various POS systems among independents and our membership. However, this would be an inaccurate conclusion, as the intent of the survey was not to determine which systems are most popular, but rather to collect end-user opinions that members could use in the search for a new or replacement POS system. Secondly, the responses we received represent only a fraction of the overall membership.

POS Systems with the Most Responses
System # of Responses
Micros 166
Aloha 135
Digital Dining 43
Positouch 36
Aldelo (NextPOS) 35
Restaurant Manager 33
Maitre'D 28
Squirrel 26
Sharp 19

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View survey results

View Statistical Analysis

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