DOWNLOAD: Menu Item Quality Review Template

DOWNLOAD: Menu Item Quality Review Template

When is the last time that you or your managers have sat down to enjoy each of your menu items from your customer's perspective? If your like most operators, it's probably been a while.

The Menu Item Quality Review Template is an excellent tool for documenting random evaluations of your everyday menu offerings. This scaled grading system enables owners, managers, or anyone familiar with the items on your menu, to judge if guest perception of your menu offerings meets your high standards.

This download is completely customizable and contains an evaluation form for recording the guest's view on the following:

  • Presentation, temperature, and doneness
  • Value perception, portions, side dishes

  • Taste, seasoning, sauces/condiments

  • Plate ware or packaging

  • Timing and other service factors

This form also has spaces for recording who the particular circumstances of the visit such as the time and date of the visit, the cooks that were on duty, the server and the manager on duty, whether the menu item was for dine-in, carry out, or delivery, and much more.

The Menu Item Quality Review Template is downloadable in Rich Text Format (.rtf). MS Word (.doc) file format available upon request.

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