DOWNLOAD: Daily Cash Audit Form

DOWNLOAD: Daily Cash Audit Form

Restaurants keep a significant amount of cash in order to make change and pay for cash purchases. This Microsoft Excel® workbook is a great tool for reconciling your cash on hand daily.

The Daily Cash Audit form can be easily set up to track all of your cash funds, including cash drawers, change funds, petty cash and more.


  • Out of Balance Alerts - Pop-up message appears whenever ACTUAL cash doesn't match your General Ledger balance.

  • Automatically Calculates Suggested Change Order - Checks coin and bill totals for each denomination and compares to par levels you establish so that you can avoid running out of change during busy shifts.

  • Multiple Cash Funds  - Allows separate tracking totals for cash drawers, petty cash, change fund in safe, and even has a section for maintaining time lock change machines.

  • Total Store Cash Reconciliation - Used daily, this form allows managers to balance cash on hand before leaving for the day, ensuring that undiscovered cash shortages are non-existent.

  • Blank Forms for Printing - Includes a worksheet that can be printed out and copied for manual calculations if you prefer to process daily on paper rather than in the computer.

The Daily Cash Audit Form for Employment is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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