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DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Training - Spanish Version

This Spanish version of our Alcohol Management Training program is a great tool for those establishments that employ Spanish speaking workers. Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages have a responsibility to provide their staff with the necessary training to responsibly sell and serve alcoholic beverages.

In the U.S., most states require servers of alcoholic beverages to participate in a state certified alcoholic beverage training in addition to the training they receive from their employer. This template can help your restaurant develop a responsible, knowledgeable staff with regard to alcoholic beverage service.

The downloadable program contains training course material and guidelines for responsible alcohol service in a typical restaurant or bar.

This program includes facts about the effects of alcohol, methods of detecting intoxicated patrons, intervention methods, a blood alcohol content (BAC) chart, a test for servers and a course completion certification.

The Alcohol Management Training Program includes  -

  • Ten Steps to Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service
  • Understanding the Physiological Effects of Alcohol
  • Blood Alcohol Content
  • Detection of Intoxicated Persons
  • Detection of Minors
  • Intervention with Minors
  • Intervention with Intoxicated Patrons
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Dram Shop Laws - Liability
  • Alcohol Management Program Test
  • Completion Certificate

 Sample page from Alcohol Management Training Program -


Sample page from Alcohol Management Training Program -

The Alcohol Management Training Program template is downloadable in MS Word (.doc) file format. Rich Text Format (.rtf) available upon request.

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