DOWNLOAD: Non-Binding Letter of Intent

You think you've found the perfect location. Now you want to start negotiating a deal with the landlord. Get the negotiations off to a good start by presenting the landlord with a NON-BINDING LETTER of INTENT (NET/NET/NET Lease).

Use this document with the information you gathered on your "REAL ESTATE LEASING CHECKLIST" to prepare and present "the deal" to potential landlords.

The NON-BINDING LETTER OF INTENT helps document the negotiations and gets the parties on the "same wave length" so that you can negotiate and finalize the terms of your lease.

This NON-BINDING LETTER OF INTENT gives you the opportunity to negotiate the lease without committing to a binding lease until you have had the opportunity to review it your lawyer.

The Non-Binding Letter of Intent is downloadable in a MS Word file format.

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