DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Line Check Template

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Line Check Template

This Line Check form can be used to help managers verify that food products for the cook line are properly stocked and at the correct temperature.

Use the Line Check to verify that each shift is ready for customers.  This completely customizable template can be adapted for any type of foodservice operation. You can create a unique, customized checklist for each cook station in your restaurant.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Customize a separate Line Check form for each of your cook line stations so managers can quickly and easily verify that the cook line is ready for customers.
  • This form includes fields for recording shift pars and expected temperatures for each product on your cook line.
  • This form will can be used as a food line check for any type of restaurant operation from full service to quick service.

This template is available in Microsoft Excel (XLS) file format. You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to use this form.

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