<center>Sample Marketing Planning Calendar
Sample Marketing Planning Calendar

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar

Savvy operators know that the successful promotion of their restaurant or bar requires planning and execution. This Microsoft Excel® workbook is a great tool for organizing your promotions for the entire year.

The Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar allows you to organize each month's promotions. Tasks and due dates can be assigned to designated personnel, making it easy to keep up with the progress of upcoming promotions


  • 12 Month Planning Calendar- Record your entire 12 month marketing plan on a single worksheet.

  • Month-at-a-Glance Page View - View up to 3 promotions for each month.

  • Assign Tasks to Personnel  - Assign up to 8 tasks for each promotion to designated personnel. Includes an easy to use completion check box.

  • Assign Due Dates - Assign completion due dates for each task.

  • Budget vs. Actual Comparison - Includes a space to enter budgets for each promotion and another for entering the actual cost. As each year is completed, it becomes a great reference when planning next year's events.

The Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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