DOWNLOAD: Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist

DOWNLOAD: Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist

Now that your restaurant is established, and systems have been put in place to ensure quality and consistency, you need a way to periodically check that the high standards you've instituted are maintained. The Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist is an excellent tool  to ensure that your operation is running the way you expect.

This form can be used by owners or multi-unit managers to periodically evaluate how well their managers operate the restaurant. This two-part tool includes scorecards and guidelines for evaluating performance or compliance.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Great for managing multiple restaurants

  • Can easily be modified to reflect your unique operation

  • Over 100 built-in checkpoints for scoring your staff's performance

  • Property Assessment Scorecard - Using the Property  Assessment Guidelines, grade every area of your restaurant property for cleanliness, repair and maintenance needs, and safety concerns

  • Operation Assessment Scorecard - This part of the walk-thru lets you evaluate every area of your operation such as:

    • Guest Readiness

    • Pre-shift Preparedness

    • Staff Appearance

    • Menu Execution

    • Recipe Adherence

    • Guest Acknowledgment

    • Receiving Practices

    • Prep & Storage Compliance

    • Health & Safety Awareness

    • Use of Operations Checklists

    • and much more...

The Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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