DOWNLOAD: Customer Complaint/Response Letters

DOWNLOAD: Customer Complaint/Response Letters

While handling customer complaints isn't the most fun aspect of this business, it is a normal part of running any restaurant, no matter how good you are 98% of the time.

While every restaurant gets complaints, how an individual operator handles them can make a big difference to your future sales and profits. Handle complaints right and you've got a good chance of turning disappointed diners into a loyal customers. Handle them wrong and you'll probably lose many potentially long-term, repeat customers forever.

This download contains the following letter templates so you can quickly respond to:

  • Enthusiastic Compliment (yes, it's important to recognize your raving fans and thank them for noticing)
  • Recommendation or Suggestion (from Comment Card)

  • Minor Complaint  (from Comment Card)

  • Major Complaint (from Comment Card)

  • Food Complaint

  • Service Complaint

The Customer Complaint Response Letter Templates are downloadable in Microsoft Word® (.docx) file format.

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