DOWNLOAD: Bartender Checklists

DOWNLOAD: Bartender Checklists

Use the Bartender Checklists as a guide to create your own unique, comprehensive checklists for bartenders to use before, during and after their shift.

The file contains separate daily lists for opening, shift change and closing duties. It also has a weekly checklist for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the bar area and equipment.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • The Bartender Checklists will give your bartenders and managers a tool to operate the bar in a more organized and thorough manner.

  • Helps in making sure the bar is ready for your guests when they arrive.

  • Provides a simple method for bartenders to share the workload and keep the bar stocked and ready for business.

  • Makes it easier to train new bartenders and managers to perform these functions.

  • Includes the Daily Opening Checklist, Shift Change Checklist, Daily Closing Checklist, and a Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist.


The Bartender Checklists are downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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