DOWNLOAD: Weekly Planning Guide Template

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Planning Guide Template

Carrying out your restaurant's annual plan is done one week at a time. Managers who excel in weekly planning tend to be more knowledgeable of unit profitability and shift preparedness.

Weekly planning is best accomplished through effective weekly management meetings that are brief, well-organized, informative and motivational. This is achieved by using the weekly planning guide as an agenda and having all managers participate.

An effective weekly planning agenda incorporates day-specific tasks such as ordering and scheduling with weekly goals such as anticipated sales and cost goals, repair and maintenance projects, upcoming marketing  promotions, and special events that are going on in the community.

Use this template as a guide to create your own weekly agenda form. It can be modified to meet the specific needs of your restaurant or bar.

This template is downloaded in a Microsoft Word® (.docx) file format.

Use your Weekly Planning Guide to:

  • Review weekly sales
  • Discuss cost of sales and labor cost

  • Plan marketing

  • Discuss upcoming specials

  • Keep managers working toward common goals

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