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DOWNLOAD: Uniform Agreement

The cost for providing uniforms and tools to your employees can oftentimes be staggering. Moreover, if the employee fails to return these items, you end up having to purchase new ones for issue to new employees.

Having a uniform and tool agreement in place may help you to recover the cost for unreturned items. This form can be used to track the distribution of uniforms and tools to employees. It allows you to record multiple uniform or tools issued to a specific employee. It contains a place for employees to sign, giving you permission to deduct the cost of any unreturned items from their paycheck.

This template comes in a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file format.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Provides an established procedure for the distribution of uniforms or tools
  • Gives you documented authorization to make deductions from the employee's paycheck

  • Maintains a dated history of uniform issuance and returns

  • Works for items loaned to employees and for items that the employee must purchase

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