How to Prepare a Restaurant Business Plan: Financial Section

How to Prepare a Restaurant Business Plan: Financial Section

The Business Plan Financial Section instructional workbook walks you through the preparation of the financial sections of both our Tableservice Restaurant and Quick Service Restaurant Financial Models.

Here's the table of contents -

Projected Sources & Uses of Cash

Capital Budget 
    Land & Building
    Leasehold Improvements
    Bar/Kitchen Equipment
    Bar/Dining Room Furniture
    Professional Services 
    Organizational & Development
    Interior Finishes & Equipment 
    Exterior Finishes & Equipment 
    Pre-Opening Expenses
    Working Capital & Contingency
Sales Projection
Hourly Labor Cost Projection
Assumptions to the Financial Projections

    Cost of Sales
    Management Salaries
    Employee Benefits
    Direct Operating Expenses
    Music & Entertainment
    General & Administrative
    Repairs & Maintenance
    Occupancy Costs
    Depreciation & Amortization
Annual Operating Projection - Detail
Annual Operating Projection - Summary
5 Year Operating & Investment Projections
    Investment Assumptions
    Projected Investment Returns
    Break-Even Worksheet
    Break-Even P&L Summary

This resource provides instructions for preparing the above statements and includes guidelines on industry averages and standards for various operating costs and ratios and other helpful insights and tips on preparing the financial section of a restaurant business plan.

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